21st Century Goals for the Ages

These are five of the greatest goals of recent football history.

Cover Image: From dazzling plays to dramatic goals, there’s no denying the excitement when the ball gets by the keeper and hits the back of that net. (dailyrecord.co.uk)

A near-poetic combination of skill, grace, and out-and-out luck, few things can unite the world in euphoria like a perfect football goal. playPH is proud to present some recent goals that are already serious contenders to be considered among the greatest of all time.

01 Zlatan Ibrahimovic with his shoe laces untied


With pure talent and excellent technique, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Ajax was able to evade numerous NAC Breda FC defenders to score an astounding goal that gave his team a 5 – 1 lead in this March 2001 match – and he did it with his shoe laces untied.

02 Thierry Henry gets a ‘volley good’ feeling


One of the most competitive and skilled players ever to play in the Premier League, Thierry Henry of Arsenal made a nearly-impossible play to score against perennial rivals Manchester United in October 2000. In an almost effortless display, Henry lobbed the ball to set up his shot, before spinning and delivering the volley that sent it hurtling to the goal.

03 Rafael Van Der Vaart literally falls apart


A funny thing happened on Ajax’s way to securing the Netherlands’ Eredivisie title in 2004, when star midfielder Rafael Van Der Vaart turned what appeared to be a broken play into one of the wildest goals ever scored in professional football. Receiving a bounce pass following a long, high-arcing pass from the other side of the field, Van Der Vaart dove to the floor and kicked the ball with his back heel staright towards the goal, stunning the Feyenoord defenders as Ajax took the lead.

04 Dennis Bergkamp’s behind-two-backs miracle shot


Arsenal’s famed ‘Non-Flying Dutchman’, Dennis Bergkamp, scored this memorable goals against Newcastle in their game iun March 2002. Tightly guarded by the eopposition’s Nikos Dabizas, and with his back to the goal, Bergcamp received a pass from his teammate, Robert Pires, then flicked the ball with his left foot behind his and Dabizas’ backs then blazing past another defender for a stunning goal.

05 Roberto Carlos the Magnus-ficent


As a master of the Magnus effect that makes football trajectories bend in midair, Brazil’s Roberto Carlos, has no shortage of highlight-worthy moments. In this match against Tenerife from February 1998, when Carlos was with Real Madrid, he achieved what has become known as “The Improbable Goal,” when he scored from the very corner of the pitch. To this day, fans, analysts, scientists and mathematicians alike can’t help but agree that that this is definitely one of the greatest goals that the sport has ever seen.

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