5 Most Iconic All-Star Dunks

When a competition of mid-air creativity takes place, these dunkers sure know how to please the arena.

The slam dunk contest – one of the NBA All-Star Weekend’s most awaited contests, will once again look to make history as superstars showcase their talents. Fans across the globe come together to witness their favorite dunkers put on a display of leaping ability, power, and creativity.

In many of these contests, it has been proven that jumping over something (or someone) can go a long way towards winning the hearts of judges. Recently, Tyler Honneycutt, a professional basketball player in Turkey stunned the internet with his jump-over-five-guys tomahawk slam.

With the 2017 All-Star weekend just around the corner, PlayPH looks back at five iconic instances cagers were able to dunk over full grown men (and the occasional vehicle).



In 2009, Dwight Howard was the self-proclaimed Superman of slam dunks – at least until he met the 5’9” Nate Robinson. Robinson came onto the All-Star court in a green Knicks jersey and asked Dwight to stand a few meters away from the rim. What followed would probably have to considered the best dunk of Nate’s career.



Washington’s franchise point guard made a surprise appearance at the 2014 dunk contest. It was quick, and was full of finesse. But what John Wall did was make people look twice at the difficulty of the dunk. Bouncing over Washington’s G.Wiz, Wall added an extra pump before throwing a reverse jam, finishing off with a celebratory dance.



Aaron Gordon was already famous for his in-game dunks, but what the crowd witnessed last year was a true game-changer. The Orlando Magic’s power forward had to prove he belonged to the slam dunk contest, and he certainly did with a little help from Stuff the Magic Dragon.



This video of Jeremy Evans jumping over a seated Gordon Hayward and catching a two-ball alley-oop is the best thing most of you will see today. In a display of mid-air control and creativity, there was no question Evans had just set a new gold standard for the annual contest. To nobody’s surprise, Evan’s effort was awarded first place.



After showing Los Angeles what he was capable of doing in-game, the Clippers’ center had to pull off something different. For this dunk, Griffin brought out a luxury sedan and soared over the hood for a two-hand monster slam. Adding flair to what would have, on its own, been considered a show-stopping dunk, fellow teammate Baron Davis was on hand to throw in the lob from the sunroof.



Jordan Kilganon is no NBA player, but the guy can jump. Kilganon became an internet sensation as the so-called “Dunk King” when he began posting videos of his unorthodox dunks. At an NBA event in Rio, Kilganon wowed the audience as he jumped over a stack of two people. What made this even more amazing that it was, was that legend Glen Rice and Gary Payton stood below the backboard in shock.


Image source: News Day


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