Alvin Pasaol is For Real

UE’s very own Baby Tank is out to make a statement each game.

It’s about time we recognize Alvin Pasaol’s game of strength and power.

Alvin Pasaol is for real. And it’s a shame we’re only starting to notice it now.


The UE Red Warriors’ leading man scored a game-high of 36 markers last Wednesday against the Adamson Falcons. Although the Warriors lost, it was Pasaol’s performance that stole the show at the Mall of Asia Arena that day.


Pasaol, otherwise known as UE’s “Baby Tank”, made his presence immediately felt, as the sight of four blue shirts hanging onto his body while outmuscling everyone for the offensive rebound became a familiar sight during the game. Upon regaining his strength, his next move would be to skyrocket up in the air for a second-chance bucket – a basic basketball sequence, but the gravity Pasaol laid on Falcons’ entire defense was just too much and very exciting to witness.



Fun things to point out are the last two plays in the video above. In the first sequence, the Baby Tank decides it’s time he creates off the top of the key. Guarding him is AdU’s Papi Sarr, who obviously has the length and size advantage over Pasaol. Being the bull that he is, Pasaol takes his first step to the right to blow past Sarr, nudges him just hard enough to make his defender stumble, and then banks in a teardrop over the help defense.


On the last play, he asks for the ball deep in the post. Back against the hoop, Pasaol sees a double team fast approaching him. Unafraid of anyone in his way, he rams in between Adamson’s frontcourt and easily scores. Again, nothing really new than what basketball fans are used to seeing, but it’s his groundbreaking strength that leaves fans with their jaws dropped.


In his second to last year of UAAP exposure, Pasaol seems like he’s stepping it up a notch to leave his team on a high note. In a post-game interview, the Baby Tank told reporters that he’s trying to set an example for his much younger teammates, that they too, bring their A-game each time they go out.


UE poses as a strong contender this year against the league’s other powerhouse squads. With nothing but tough matchups lined up for the squad, fans should expect UE to play in hard-fought battles all season long – most especially with Alvin Pasaol around.

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