Appreciating (non-basketball) Sports

It’s about time we shed light on other non-hoop related sports.

How to get the most out of your athletic fandom

The country’s love affair with basketball has long ago turned into an obsession. Since the olden days of the UAAP and NCAA, it’s the hardwood that has drawn thousands of fans to cheer for their favorite teams. Years after we’re still in the same direction with the same kind of love for the game. It really does go to show that ball really is life… until it isn’t.


The sad reality is, that other sports aren’t given much attention by people. Let alone, support from the government. To wit: In the recently concluded 2018 Asian Games, netizens took it to their feeds to urge the government to spread their focus across other sports – games where we’ve had more success in winning hardware for the nation.


With that, PlayPH joins the movement, not in letting go of basketball – but in learning to embrace the beauty of other sports.





 Take time off the NBA highlights for once and perhaps read about another sport’s competitive spirit, rules, and history. You’ll never know what you might end up following next. Did you know the first Filipino to bring home multiple Olympic medals was a swimmer? Time to be in the know!




 Attend a football game and chant with the crowd, or feel the thrill of watching sprinters race at a track event. There’s nothing that can beat watching the excitement take place right before your very eyes.




 Cager or not, international leagues or university games, it’s important our athletes know they have the entire Filipino community supporting them all the way. If you’re diving deep into a new sport for the first time, find out who’s striving hard to represent us well and get behind them. It takes one athlete or a team to win games, but an entire community to win championships.



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