A Basketball Tribute That’s Worth the Wait

How Nike’s Worth the Wait captured the hearts of every basketball fan.

With over 1.3 million views, 35k likes, and 27k shares on Facebook at the time of this writing, Nike’s short yet incredibly emotional tribute to Cleveland Cavaliers after winning their first historic championship in over 50 years, captured the hearts of basketball fans around the world.

Nike’s “Worth the Wait” showed fans of all ages, from different places and from all walks of life, expressing the same intense tension and agitation as the NBA Finals reached its most-awaited end. It didn’t matter if you were rooting for the Warriors or the Cavaliers, because at the end, it spoke to all fans as they saw themselves – they’re the people in the diner, the two old buddies, the girl on the bus, the guy in his basement, the people in the bar, or the kid wearing an Irving jersey. In that very moment, the famed sports brand had captured the intensity, suspense, and outright joy, that come with seeing one’s team emerge triumphant – it didn’t matter if they were in the arena or not, because as the ad showed, they were there in spirit for every heart-stopping moment.

Jim Price – a loyal Cavs fan – affirmed the sentiment as he posted a comment on the commercial’s thread on Facebook saying, “As a life long Cleveland sports fan, I cannot begin to describe how accurately this represents how we feel. I guarantee you that every single Cleveland fan had a lump in their throat or a tear watching the team celebrate, watching Lebron cry, thinking of a loved one who was no longer with them that would have enjoyed the moment.”

Truth be told, Cavalier fans deserve this moment, and have every right to be emotional. Basketball fans around the world witnessed not just a game, but the making of history; proving that it wasn’t even about the NBA anymore – it’s about everybody. Through the Nike commercial, fans were seen holding their breath for a full minute, but in reality, Cleveland’s been holding it for the past 52 years, making everything indeed worth the wait.

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