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Sometimes, a solitary sport can help you go beyond yourself.

No matter how or why you decide to get into running, there’s probably a group out there to help you along the way. (

For many people, running is a solitary sport. Sure, somewhere between the kickoff at the starting area to the finale at the finish line is you, just you, propelling yourself forward step after step after step, each one a push harder than the last. There you are, caught between two points, strategizing a game where both offense and defense are played out by you. And as you finally pass the finish line and make your way to the podium, you know that both medal and moment are yours—but the victory, not necessarily. Because you may be running by yourself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do so for someone else.


Getting into a Running Club (or better yet, starting your own) allows you to meet like-minded people (and possible friends) as well as join regular group runs, which don’t just keep you in shape, but allow you to properly train for big races or marathons as a team. And when you finally cross the finish line, win or lose, it’s like you’re doing so together.

1. six:30 running group

“six:30 is a UP-based running group, founded on June 30, 2010. The group was formed to create a community of runners based in Quezon City. Anyone can join!”

2. PEX Running Club

“PEx Running Club is a running group based on Runners of different levels come together to promote running as a hobby, a sport, a recreational activity, and a lifestyle.”

3. Urban Runners

“Urban Runners is a community of runners who share the same passion in the sports of running. We aim to provide an avenue for work-life balance for our fellow members, by gathering together and participating in fun run events.”


Aside from enjoying the sport for its health benefits, you can also do so for how it can help others. There are many marathons that raise both funds and awareness for certain causes; by joining one, you’re not only showing support, you’re also giving it as well. In fact, you could even start a running event with friends and family to advocate a cause that’s close to your heart! This way, you’re getting your loved ones into running and giving meaning to the sport.

1. Color Run for Vulnerable Children 

In line with Children’s Month Celebration, the Color Run for Vulnerable Children in Subic was created to raise awareness on children’s rights and generate funds to support the developmental services provided to marginalized children and youth.

2. Takbo Billy’s Takbo: Fun Run For Scholars

Held at UP Diliman, Takbo Billy’s Takbo was begun to promote healthy living practices through sports while raising funds to support the scholars of Arnold Janssen Mission Foundation, Inc.

Running may be a solitary sport. But when you’re doing it for something greater than yourself, you’re also winning something greater than a place on the podium: a place in the sun for you and those around you.

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