Big Smiles On Wheels

The most important step in teaching your children how to ride a bike is showing them how much fun it is.

Cover Image: Cycling is a great way for the family to enjoy the outdoors and have fun bonding experience.

Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? The wind rushing through your hair, the feeling of accomplishment after maybe having fallen a few times? The warmth of family bonding as they cheered you on – it may have happened for only a moment, but it’s one that most people would never forget.

Cycling may be challenging to learn at first, but with the help of our parents, we get the confidence to try, which makes the experience all the more fun. It’s no wonder why, for some parents, teaching their children how to ride a bike is on their checklist and one they will proudly help to cross off when the time comes.

Here are some tips on how to get started:


Today, many things can distract your children from the thrill of having fun outdoors. As parents, the best way to get your children’s interest is by exposing them early and showing how much fun you’re having while doing it. Parents are the first role models of their children and to some, they are even considered as their heroes. It’s important to lead by example and it’s up to you to show your children how cool and fun riding a bike is.


Once they are exposed to it, chances are, they would want to try it out for themselves. However, if they feel like they are not ready yet, it’s okay – patience is key. Eventually, when they decide to go for it, you would be surprised at how eager they could be with you cheering them on. Take them on bike trips or bring their bike when you go out to have a family picnic. It doesn’t matter if they want to keep their training wheels for a time but with you constantly motivating them that they can do it, it builds momentum that lead them to believe they can ride a bike even without them.


Don’t miss the opportunity when they ask to take the training wheels off and at the same time, don’t freak out when they do. It’s always best to build on what they think and feel instead of saying they aren’t ready. You might even surprise yourself when they actually succeed in doing it. This moment usually means that they have already developed a strong affinity with cycling. Most likely, they would fall some times before they would be able to do it on their own and when that happens, make sure that you will be there each time to ask if they are okay. Ask them if it hurts somewhere instead of telling them to toughen up. You want to be encouraging but of course, at the same time, careful in case they really had a bad fall. After making sure they are okay, encourage them to try again.


Once they’ve finally learned to ride on their own, take the opportunity to ride together with them. Cycling is a fun way to help keep the family fit and healthy while, at the same time, it’s a great bonding experience – a family experience that is always fun.

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