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PlayPH checks out some really helpful blogs to guide those who are in their first steps to triathlon.

They swim, ride bikes, and run, all in distances and at a pace beyond normal for most humans. They are triathletes – a rare breed of people who have dedicated most of their time and energy to get their bodies in shape and exceed its limitations. Triathlons, after all, will challenge you both physically and mentally which is why they have earned the moniker of ‘Ironmen.’

What most people don’t know, triathletes compete in triathlons not just for personal accolades or for epic bragging rights – most of them are competing to see how far they can go, for personal improvement, break records including their own, and most of all, have fun and make new friends.

“If you have set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race,” said Dave Scott, the first person to be inducted to the Ironman Hall of Fame. “Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race; it’s up to you.”

While most triathletes continue their training outside competition, some of them do more – they write. PlayPH presents you with some really helpful blogs to inspire you to ‘Tri’ it out for yourself!




One of the most famous blog sites for triathletes and arguably, the best, is DC Rainmaker. The blog is owned by Ray, a guy who grew up in Seattle, Washington and now resides in Paris, France with his wife whom she met at a running club just outside of Washington, DC. He started the blog the same day he signed up for Ironman Canada for the first time. In his blog, you will find a variety of product reviews, how-to-guides, and some really helpful tips and tricks to help you get started. His funny writing style is also a huge plus for readers!




Cody Beals is a second year professional triathlete based in small-town southern Ontario. After dabbling in skiing, swimming and running, he found his way to triathlon in his late teens. His blog documents the slow, often challenging process of transforming myself into a world class professional triathlete. Many of his topics come from questions he receives or what he sees as common misconceptions in endurance sports.




Matt Fisher is an amateur triathlete who started his journey in 2009. At some time, he represented Great Britain as part of the amateur Age Groups teams at ITU & ETU championships in Ireland, China, New Zealand & the United Kingdom. Today, Fisher looks at triathlon as a personal journey and has placed two goals: to put enjoyment above accolades, and to be the best triathlete he can given that it must fit around the rest of his life, not dictate it. His blog site also serves as his diary, giving you a first-hand look at the life of a triathlete. He also offers some really helpful advice for beginners and some handy gear reviews!




MultiSport Magazine is the first FREE triathlon magazine in the Philippines. It is targeted to novice and elite sportsmen, as well as those considering an active lifestyle. brings essential information about health, nutrition, and physical fitness that are neither too advanced nor too easy for the athlete or athlete-to-be. Aside from getting your daily dose of triathlon news, the site also features a series of tech reviews, a gallery of photos, and some contests too!




Who ever said triathlons are just for men? Kikay Runner is a blog site owned by Filipino triathlete Noelle De Guzman, a female recreational runner who is also a member of two triathlete teams. Passionate with her craft and writing, she decided to put up her own blog dedicated to it. In addition to a wide array of reviews, race reports, contests, videos, and podcasts available in her blog, she also makes it a point to be easily approached by her readers in case they have questions or comments – which in turn, she shares in order to help others who have the same queries.

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