Building Better Athletes

Here’s one of the many ways to build taller, bigger, and stronger athletes.

Good nutrition, a balanced diet, and the help of Alaska Fortified can help us build better Filipino athletes.

At this day and age, nobody is safe from the harsh realities of improper nutrition, not even athletes. With 1 out of 3 Filipino kids affected by stunted growth or is underweight, one of our biggest fears as a nation is whether our athletes of tomorrow will get a fighting chance at competing against the very best.

And as leaders of the next generation, it’s our responsibility to help build and shape better athletes with good nutrition. How do we do that?

Through milk.

Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink has now taken action to help kids address stunted growth and being underweight by improving its formulation.

The new Alaska Fortified is a good source of vit. D to help in the absorption of calcium in the body. It is also high in calcium to help kids develop healthy bones and teeth, high in iron for efficient red blood cell production, and a packed with protein that helps in muscle growth and development.

By giving them the nutritious goodness of #AlaskaFortified and a balanced diet, we’re planting seeds – seeds that are bound to grow taller, bigger, and stronger and eventually bear athletic pride for the country. So act now for our children and the future of Filipino sports – all the while helping them reach their Tamang Tangkad at Bigat for their age.


PlayPH urges all parents to read more about Tamang Tangkad at Bigat at

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