Chot Reyes: Back in the Saddle

No matter where you stand in this basketball country, Chot Reyes has a special place in your #Puso.

Just how big has Chot Reyes been for our local hoop scene?

He’s been fantastic on a statistical scale, and even bigger on an emotional level. Apart from his fabled PBA coaching career, he’s probably the most substantial of all who have contributed to the widespread of Filipino basketball accomplishments in the past few years. Most fans would probably agree that his most significant recent feat was placing the PH back on the international hoops map once again. His 2013-2014 international stint at the FIBA Asia Championships not only proved that a group of short can compete at the highest level, it sparked a nation to come together around some of the sport’s most emotional moments.

Reyes seems like the kind of coach you’d want on your team. For one reason, he’s a born leader with exceptionally great motivating skills. If you haven’t found out, the legendary coach spends his spare time giving inspirational talks for various companies. During his most recent Gilas outing, Chot Reyes was a firm believer of #Puso, which meant something along the lines of “heart over height.” And this got everybody going.

Every cager, no matter the age, height, or skill level sort of summoned an inner flame to give it their best—all because of Reyes and his heart-built squad. You just wanted to pick up a ball every time you watched a Gilas game, it was that great.

For the team, every game and practice with Reyes brings out a style and technique that simply brings out the best versions of each player.

After an average era for the Gilas squad without Reyes, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see him in action once again, as he’s been tasked yet again with assembling the next generation of our national squad. With that in mind, we can expect another exciting year for the Philippine National Team with an established, beloved coach back on the sidelines.


Image source: Rappler

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