Coaching of Young Stars

With his experience and coaching style, Roger Gorayeb is playing a key role in shaping the future of Philippine volleyball.

Coach Roger Gorayeb looks to replicate his success from his previous clubs with the National University Lady Bulldogs. (

Coach Roger Gorayeb has built a career out of turning his teams into championship contenders. He has a special knack of developing young atheletes until they are able to shine on their own as stars – and he does this by preaching the importance of discipline, hard work, and teamwork.

Currently, Gorayeb coaches two teams from different leagues: the San Sebastian Recolletos Lady Stags from the NCAA and the National University Lady Bulldogs from the UAAP. In addition, he also coaches the Shakey’s V-league professional team PLDT Home Ultera Ultra Fast Hitters and the Philippine national women’s volleyball squad. From Ateneo stalwart Alyssa Valdez, veteran setter Rubie de Leon, the fierce spiker Myla Pablo, the Twin Towers Dindin and Jaja Santiago, and more, Gorayeb has coached several of the country’s present and rising volleyball stars.

Prior to coaching the Lady Bulldogs, Gorayeb helped establish the Ateneo Lady Eagles program (similar to what he did for the SSC-R Lady Stags) and coached them to back-to-back finals appearances in the UAAP Season 74 and 75, and capturing two titles in the Shakey’s V-League. He later opted out of a contract extension to focus on coaching the volleyball team of his alma mater, San Sebastian.

“I am happy and proud of my players,” Gorayeb said after vacating the Ateneo head coach position. “Because in five years, we’ve given Ateneo its first three medals in the UAAP and two championships in the V-League.”

Now, at the helm of the NU Lady Bulldogs, Gorayeb has made it his mission to in his new team establish the same drive, attitude, and intensity he instilled in his previous clubs. In contrast to his previous teams, Gorayeb says he saw great potential in the Lady Bulldogs – potential that he was able to nurture and hone to score the Shakey’s V-League 12th Collegiate Conference title at the expense of his former team, Ateneo.

“I’m happy as a coach for having won a title for NU,” said Gorayeb. “I am also happy for Ateneo because they are my former players, and we were able to compete with them in the finals.”

With UAAP Season 78’s volleyball tournament set to start in January, Gorayeb continues to push his team towards becoming the league’s dominant squad. “What I really want is to make it through the Finals of the UAAP,” said Gorayeb. “That’s my dream.”

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