Cycling for Active Fun

For one day in May, cyclists were able to enjoy bike rides with their families in safety on the open road.

For many of the Metro’s residents who might want to take up biking for fun or competition, the streets aren’t always the safest option to go out for a ride, especially when younger children are involved. This all changes once a year, when Alaska Cycle Philippines is held, which sees a select section of the city’s pathways and lets cyclists indulge their 2-wheeled passion.

In the Philippines, Alaska Milk Corporation has established itself for over forty years as a community leader in promoting nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle in the Filipino family. This made them the perfect host for the Philippine version of the Cycle Asia events that have seen hundreds of thousands of cyclists young and old take part in mass bike rides in numerous Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore and Malaysia.

This year, the event was held on May 14 at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, attracting thousands of bikers of all skill levels, including athletes, friends, children, and even entire families. Because the event gave cyclists a unique opportunity to see the streets in complete safety, it was providing participants with a whole new way to experience their city.

PlayPH spoke with Tri-Aspire team member August Benedicto on the importance introducing sports such as cycling to the youth, and he said, “At their age, it’s good for them to start biking so they can avoid becoming sickly or obese. They also become stronger through exercise. They also have a chance to make more friends, and see different places, and you can see they’re very happy.”

And it wasn’t just the kids who were having a good time, as revealed by Stephanie Tumampos, a photojournalist with Business Mirror, who had just completed the 40 kilometer Challenge event for the first time: “From the experience itself, I think I’m really falling on love with cycling because it pushes you to go further than your limits.”

“It brings you closer, it makes you feel that there is always someone with you, and it’s an amazing feeling to have the whole community as your family,” said Tumampos, relating the story of how veteran riders were happy to look out for and cheer her on in mid-ride. “Strangers don’t discourage you, they actually encourage you to finish it, and I think that’s what makes Alaska Cycle Philippines a family.”

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