Cycling Fundamentals

PlayPH lists five fundamental things to keep in mind when designing a cycling plan.

Cover Image: Constantly working on your fundamentals enables you to perform at your best.

Designing a training plan should never be done carelessly, winging it can hinder you from achieving your best form for peak performance.

As endurance athletes, it is important to understand the fundamentals of cycling in order to know how to improve your cycling fitness every year.

So whether you are already training for this Saturday’s upcoming Alaska Cycle Asia race or if you’re still thinking about how to start cycling, here’s a list of fundamentals you need to remember before starting with your personal cycling program.


  • Safety first

Before committing yourself fully to your training session plans, make sure to check your gear and have the proper equipment to protect you from all possible accidents you will encounter on the road. Always have your helmet, gloves, pads, a proper pair of shoes, repair kit and all the other essential tools you’ll need both for your body and your bicycle before you start pedalling.


  • Eat right

Train your body with the food that you will eat for race day. Make sure that the food you fuel your body with what works for you when doing your trainings what’s important is that you get amount of energy you need for your cycling.


  • Have a training schedule but don’t set it in stone

It is important to plot out a training program that works best for your body type. Keep a schedule of all the activities you should do and for how long so you keep can keep track of your progress. However, you should never beat yourself up and get spent just to follow your plan, if you feel like you already pushed yourself in one aspect of your work out, skip it for a day.


  • Set Goals

Give every pedal a goal. Aside from your usual cadence rides and basic cycling workouts, try other routines that are specifically designed to challenge your body in different areas, add more intensity every week until you reach the same level of intensity as that for the actual cycling training. Always strive to improve and push yourself to the limit.


  • Rest and Recover

Overtraining can lead to injuries and sickness. Make sure that you allot time to rest and recover so as not to stress and overwork yourself before the actual race comes. A healthy and sound body is key to achieving your goals.
Alaska Cycle Philippines is set to kick off on May 14, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. Visit to learn more.

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