Cycling Superstar: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Junrey Navarra

How one Pinoy is working to conquer the world of international cycling

Pinoy pride personified: Junrey Navarra is making a name for himself on the regional and international cycling scenes in his quest to become the first Pinoy in the Tour de France.

#5 He had humble beginnings


Hailing from Cotabato, Junrey Navarra was born to parents working in a durian-selling company. Honing his skills in his province’s winding mountain terrain, Navarra gained his amazing talent for cycling uphill high above the clouds of Mindanao. He began his competitive career by joining local races before moving on to international competition. Now, Junrey is supported by Alaska Milk Corporation as part of its long-time advocacy in promoting active play and sports in the Philippines while providing affordable nutrition.


#4 He’s already won races here and abroad


In addition to being a three-time Baguio stage winner in the Ronda Pilipinas, Navarra achieved King of the Mountain status at the Tour of Sabah in Malaysia and Tour de Sinkarak in Indonesia. In Europe, he reached 7th place at the Ronde van Geldrop, Netherlands, and 18th place at the International Taiwan KOM Challenge against 600 other competitors.


#3 He’s Been Training in Europe


To make sure his skills are at the levels necessary for top international competition, Navarra has been training in Europe under the same conditions as his competitors. Joining his first European race in Spain in 2014, he was able to crack the Top 30 at the UCI 1.1 GP Miguel Indurain race against over 150 professional European racers.


#2 He’s basically superhuman


Our ability to perform strenuous activities depends on our body’s ability to absorb oxygen. When tested, it was discovered that Navarra’s VO2 Max places him among the top 10% in the world. This ability to go for long stretches, combined with his amazing strength for cycling uphill make him exceptionally well-suited for his chosen sport.


#1 He may become the first Pinoy in the Tour De France


The most famous bike race in the world is where the fastest, most gifted cyclists on the planet have proven their mettle for over 100 years. With Junrey Navarra looking to be our nation’s best bet at fielding an entry, PlayPH will keep an eye on this young man’s promising future and his quest to join the world’s cycling elite.

Good luck, Junrey!


Image source: Junrey Navarra’s Facebook

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