Dual Sport Pinoys

For these five Pinoy athletes, one sport isn’t enough.

These five Pinoy athletes took their talents to the distance.

A professional athletic career can be a demanding one; so much so that athletes are required to focus on their sport and put aside their other passions. But did you know that there are plenty of athletes in the Philippines alone who are passionate in sports other than what they were known for? Check out this list of Filipinos who can play more than one sport.

MICHELLE MORENTE: Volleyball and Basketball

For Michelle Morente, the volleyball and basketball courts were her territory.

While Morente never really played both sports for ADMU, this multitalented athlete actually received college scholarships for both basketball and volleyball. Talk about opportunity!

JOSEPHINE DE LA VINA: Discus and Softball

Josephine de la Vina’s story reminds other athletes that it’s never too late to pick up another sport.

This discus record holder is a legend in Filipino sports. Best remembered for breaking multiple records in discus throw, de la Vina’s first fell love was softball, having played it during her elementary and high school years. It was only towards the end of high school that coaches discovered her potential in discus.

KIRK LONG: Basketball and Baseball

The former Ateneo captain found himself putting two sets of uniforms on.

Also known as Captain Kirk, Long started his career in Ateneo de Manila University as the Blue Eagles point guard. A year into his basketball career, Long began serving double duty, playing for the university’s baseball team at the same time. Although he never won any championships for baseball, he’s a proud 4-time UAAP champion for basketball.

SEBASTIAN UGARTE: Football and Track & Field

Track shoes and cleats were the weapons of choice for collegiate phenom Sebastian Ugarte.

The Lasallian legend Ugarte was a famous football player during his college years. What wasn’t known to many people, however, was that he represented DLSU in track and field as well.

NIKY SCOTT: Basketball and Football

DLSU’s Niky Scott kept her winning ways despite juggling between two highly-competitive sports.

Scott’s sporting career came in her second year of college, as her love for sports led her to the DLSU Lady Archers basketball team, as well as a spot on the school’s football team. Thank sto her passion and drive, Scott helped DLSU score the 2014 UAAP Women’s Basketball championship.

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