An Early Celebration for Another GSW Championship

And all the tiny things that will make the dynasty’s third title more exciting.

The Golden State Warriors are going to make it big this season, which is why all the little pieces count in their championship run.

According to ESPN, the Golden State Warriors are the favored team to win this season’s championship (5-12). But there’s good reason to believe it.

Steve Kerr and the Warriors have been great this season. In the age of superteams and young talent, the boys from the bay have continued to improve from a team whose talents didn’t glue to each other, to a now solidified powerful unit. And while power is always an exciting thing in the NBA, so is another incoming title, predictability isn’t. That’s what a Warriors championship is this year – predictable.

And so, PlayPH came up with a shortlist of things that would make another championship more exciting. Here it is:



David West and all his basketball prowess has proven to be essential for the GSW roster this year.

If you were to make a list of big men who have the ability to instill fear onto his opponents each game, David West would definitely have to be on it. During his glory days in New Orleans and Indiana, West made it clear to the NBA that he was for real. His grit, power, and tenacity on the court gave opponents headaches each time they were matched up.

Although his numbers aren’t what they used to be, the 15-year veteran’s presence on the GSW roster is just as important. West lives for the plays overshadowed by the highlights his teammates make, and that’s okay, because it’s the little things that count to win in the NBA. West deserves his second ring.

And since we’re on the conversation about rings…



A ring on the hand of Nick Young would be a delightful way to watch him bloom into a championship-caliber player.

Nick Young is special. For years, Young and his “Swaggy P” alter ego have graced fans with comedic skits and plays on the court. From launching a layup for what seemed like 300 feet in the air, to that time he infamously prematurely celebrated a three-point shot, Swaggy P has proven to be an easy-to-love player. And that alone, makes him winning a championship, another GSW championship more fun.

One of the funnier moments in the NBA brought to you by no other.




There’s a fun way of looking at times when players would get T’d up for something they did during a game. And that usually ends up with the question: did he get his money’s worth?

As of now, Draymond Green leads the league in most technical fouls with a total of 14. We’re halfway through the season and Green’s already dancing with the NBA’s limit of 16 technical fouls. On top of that, he’s been fined for a whopping total of approximately 150,000 dollars for things he probably mean and did not mean to do. That’s a lot of money, but not enough to outweigh a championship.

The Warriors taking home this year’s trophy won’t give justice to Draymond’s behavior on the court, but will surely give him his money’s worth. Being slammed by a laundry list of league-imposed fines is one thing, but getting to give the NBA trophy a goodnight kiss is beyond that.



It’s also fun to watch LeBron James pull some strings to make some adjustments – only because of the attention he draws. However, there’s no reason to dislike a player, let alone the kind LeBron is, for wanting to avenge a fallen team.

After falling short of a title last year, The King called in Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, and buddy Dwayne Wade to join him in his 2018 championship campaign. And after realizing the downwards slope they got themselves into, LeBron and the Cavs opted out of the three and decided to take in younger talent in Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance, and Rodney Hood.

Sure, another GSW championship isn’t really related to anything LeBron does. But as fans of the game, it’s clear The King is watching closely on the team that has dethroned him. It’s drama – and that’s always entertaining for anyone who loves the NBA.



At this point, Golden State’s photo finish seems inevitable, which is why we came up with this list. But the second half of the season is usually where teams take it up a notch, and that means putting the favored Warriors backs on the wall.

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