Eric Menk: Farewell to the Major

‘Major Pain’ bids goodbye to the hardwood but leaves fans with everlasting memories.

There’s nothing more intimidating than a 6-foot-something tank of a man running the floor, going strong at the hoop, and banging bodies down low. That was Eric Menk for you. Whether it was a regular season match or a sold-out playoff game, fans could expect a dominating display by the former MVP.

At halftime during an Alaska versus Ginebra match at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum last Sunday, the Never Quit Squad hosted a fitting send-off ceremony for Menk. It was a sweet goodbye to a 16-year career as Menk was surrounded by former teammates, family, and loved ones.

Visibly emotional, Eric Menk’s friends and famly paid tribute to the Major.

Ths highlight of the farewell was a tribute video; put together by the Aces, the video featured testimonials from the likes of Jeff Cariaso, Alex Compton, former teammates – even Menk’s parents!

Menk, otherwise known as ‘Major Pain’ spent most of his playing years with Ginebra. This is where he managed to earn four PBA titles, three Finals MVP awards, two Best Player awards, and one MVP award.

The 10x PBA All-Star had a body built for down-and-dirty basketall. He had a wide frame and weighed over 200 pounds to begin with. Although he had the brute strength to get anywhere on the court, Menk worked hours and hours to develop a wide skillset. Former teammates look back at his illustrious career and state that Menk was never content with his level of play, always putting in extra hours before and after practice.


During the latter part of his career Menk found a home with the Alaska Aces. His final years playing for the Aces gave diehard PBA fans a final look at Menk’s brand of basketball. Although the bigman had never put up the same numbers he used to, he still managed to uplift the entire Alaska community with his prescence on and off the court.

Now that the PBA has witnessed the end of an era, Menk leaves a memorable legacy as he continues to inspire people of all ages. His love and passion for the game continue remind Filipinos of his undying competitive spirit.


Image source:, PBA PH

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