Finding the Fire

With hearts on fire, we become champions of our own.

When the game clock is running down and the score is tied, what does it take to power a team to victory? When you’re a long-distance runner about to hit the wall, what is it that motivates you to keep moving forward?

From the moment we wake up to the time we finally lay our head down to rest, we are faced with a number of challenges in our everyday lives. Some large, some small, it is the manner in which we deal with these, our ability to draw on the Heart of Fire that enables us to stare directly into the eyes of adversity and, ultimately, overcome them.

The Heart of Fire is a trait you find in legends across every field, their exploits inspiring generations long after their deeds are done. It is the trait that gives one the energy to make shots when games are on the line, play through injuries when the team needs them the most, and run on when they’ve seemingly nothing left in the tank. Ultimately, it is not the number of accolades, trophies, or banners that define a person, but his willingness to tap into passion at its purest.

From the idols we follow, to the youth who strive towards making their dreams come true, we all have to face our own adversities. It is entirely up to us how we transform mistakes into motivation and, ultimately, challenges into inspiration.

For those days when sheer skill isn’t enough, you need to ignite the spirit and find the Heart of Fire that burns within.

All it takes is a single spark.

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