Following Their Footsteps

These athletes prove that parents are the real life idols.

These athletes play in order to continue their parents’ legacy.

They say the good things in life run in the family – especially a talent in sports. For a lot of great athletes, that inspiration comes in the form of parents who once played the same sports before them. Here is a list of athletes who have followed the glorious footsteps of their parents:


The Golden State Warriors’ main man has shown hints of his father with his game style.

Long before winning MVP trophies, NBA championships, and getting into All-Star teams, Steph Curry was like any regular kid dreaming to make it to the pros one day. Lucky for him, his father Dell Curry played in the NBA for 16 seasons.

During Dell’s playing career, Dell was known for his ability to shoot from absolutely anywhere in transition. At one point, he was even shooting nearly 50% from deep – most players today would be hard-pressed to put up those kinds of numbers.

These days, it’s Steph running the show for the Golden State Warriors. Each time Steph drains a dagger three, or pulls one up from 50 feet out, fans are seeing more of his father in him. After all, like father, like son.


The Manning brothers prove that excellence does run in their blood.

Whenever somebody asks, “who’s the greatest quarterback to ever play football?” It’s more often than not going to be a back-and-forth debate between the Manning Brothers, Peyton and Eli. The brothers have proven to be extremely successful players as they both hold a couple of Super Bowl Titles under their belt to say the least.

And while their mega-long list of achievements will never be forgotten, it’s easy to trace their winning ways back to the 80’s, when their father, Archie Manning, played for the NFL. No, Archie Manning didn’t win the Super Bowl. But it’s impossible to deny his time on the gridiron had some influence on the superstars his sons grew out to be.


From college leagues to the pros, Jeron Teng and Kiefer Ravena are making their fathers proud.

Not so long ago, Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng ruled the UAAP Men’s Basketball Tournament. Their fierce rivalries drew huge crowds and sparked all sorts of basketball drama. Over the years, the two have developed into bigger hoop sensations and most recently been drafted into the PBA.

But during the golden days of the country’s favorite league, their fathers Bong Ravena and Alvin Teng were the kings of the court. Both fathers were decorated players with distinct skills of their own, with Bong Ravena known as a spot-up shooter while Alvin Teng was nicknamed “Robocop” because of his intimidating presence.

Soon, diehard basketbolistas will get to relive the Bong and Alvin’s court dominance, only this time, in the forms of their sons.


Echo Laure, like his dad, is on his way to reach greater heights.

There’s not much of a need to introduce Echo Laure. On the court, he’s very easy to notice because with his 6-foot-3 structure and wide skillset. Echo is the son of former PBA big man, Eddie Laure. Eddie played 18 seasons in the PBA with various teams, and was nicknamed “The Dominator” for obvious reasons.

His teenage son looks like he’s going in the same direction. At an early age, Echo is already showing the kind of potential only older kids have. And with the right mind and heart, he could very well create his own PBA legacy when he grows up.

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