For The Future

For 12-year old 2016 Jr. NBA participant Christian Jimbo Delos Reyes, basketball brings hope to both his and his family’s future.

With the love of his family igniting his heart on fire, Christian Jimbo Delos Reyes sets off on a journey to make his dreams a reality at the 2016 Jr. NBA.

At the 2016 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA, the paths of young basketballers were led to cross by their common love for the sport. Together, they journey towards one destination – their dreams.

Now on its 9th year, the country’s most successful and longest running youth development program outside the United States has helped hundreds of thousands of lives move closer to their dreams. Each year, the program grows bigger and better, expanding to more cities, and inspiring legions of young Filipino athletes all over the country. However, for 12-year old Christian Jimbo Delos Reyes from Makati City, he joined the Jr. NBA for something bigger than his own dreams.

“I’m here for my parents,” Delos Reyes shared with playPH. “I want to show them that I am good at playing basketball. I want to make them proud.”

At a young age, Delos Reyes has faced several adversities together with his family which, to some extent, has affected his studies. However, motivated by his parents, Delos Reyes wanted to help and saw the opportunity to do so through the game he grew up loving – basketball.

“Through basketball, I know that I can help myself and my family,” said Delos Reyes. “If I can balance playing basketball and my studies, I know that my future will be alright. I can use my experience here in the Jr. NBA as inspiration for my future.”

By joining the Jr. NBA, Delos Reyes has his eyes set on learning and growing his game. He’s not looking to be a star, nor win any awards, he just wants to give his best knowing it’s his family that fuels his drive to succeed in everything that he does. When playPH asked what is the source of his strength, Delos Reyes answered, “My faith in God.”

Ever since Delos Reyes was a toddler, his favorite toy was a ball – a toy that he grew attached to even if he gets new ones as he grew up. Today, the ball he used to play with symbolizes the dreams and hopes for the future that he shares with his family. Together with the young athletes participating in this year’s Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA, they march forward with passion igniting the fire in their hearts.

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