From Camper to Star

From the Alaska Power Camp to the international stage, football star Aly Borromeo is ‘The Boss’.

Cover Image: PlayPH looks back at the stellar career of one of the Alaska Power Camp’s most famous alumni: Aly ‘The Boss’ Borromeo.

This summer, The Alaska Football Power Camp continues to help young athletes make their football dreams a reality. In the Camp, the coaches doesn’t only teach the kids the technicals and in-game skills but also instill in them the proper values, behaviors and attitudes to help them grow up into true sportsmen.

The secret to firing up your game in your chosen sport is to love it, and, working with the Makati Footballl School’s Tomas Lozano, the Alaska Power Camp has played a vital role in increasing the awareness and standards of Philippine football. Over the last two decades, the Power Camp has distinguished itself as the country’s premier developmental training ground for aspiring youngsters with talent and determination.

One such youngster was national player Alexander ‘Aly’ Borromeo, who would go on to become known as one of the most important names in local football history. Born in San Francisco, Borromeo spent his formative years in the Philippines and would be introduced to the wonders of the Beautiful Game at the age of five. Despite being an avid athlete who participating in a number of sports growing up (ranging from tennis to basketball to gymnastics) football was what stuck with him. Despite offers from foreign universities, he chose to stay (and play) in the Philippines.

Borromeo joined Makati-based club Kaya, for whom he has since played 16 years, and has captained the UFL team for many years. These days, Borromeo is beter known as the captain of the national team, the Azkals, for whom he has remained loyal to, despite numerous offers over the years to join other squads.

In 2011, Borromeo suffered a devastating injury wherein he tore his anterior cruciate ligament during a Kaya match. That injury would keep Borromeo out of action until 2014, as he healed both from the original injury and a premature attempt to return before it had completely mended. The downtime enabled Borromeo to brush up on his academics, introducing himn to the world of proper nutrition and fitness, which contributed to his good state of health upon his return.

While he may have missed some crucial games over the years, these days, ‘The Boss’ is back on the field, leading his team with the drive of a man making up for lost time. Not everyone gets a second chance, but when you chase your new lease on life’s pursuits with as much passion, attitude, and heart as Ally Borromoeo, the results will always be worth it.

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