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Cover Image: Dressing up as your favorite hero can give an added dimension of fun to your bike-riding experience.

Cycling is always fun with family and friends, especially when you are out for a leisurely ride. But pedaling alone can be an opportunity for you to bring smiles to other folks you are sharing the road with.

One way to enjoy cycling is by joining events like the Alaska Cycle Asia Philippines, which will be held on the 14th of May at the SM Mall of Asia (to register, go to In order to spark and maximize the fun on the road, here are some simple to crazy ideas for you to try. Some of these tips take effort and guts, so are you up for the challenge?

Wear your creativity

Why wait for the annual Tour of the Fireflies to dress up your bike and yourself for the road? Put those wings on your helmet and be the Mercury of the street, or channel The Flash with red shirt and head gear with gold wings. But you can go beyond wings, as there are lots of costumed heroes to choose from!

This one needs a bit of work. At night, you might consider putting a Sith lightsaber on your bike’s body, then play the Imperial March on your phone’s speaker.

Promote your advocacy

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Riding for a cause or advocacy while your family cheers you on can give added meaning to your athletic aspirations.

If you frequently cycle, then you are definitely for road safety. Whether you are cycling for Mother Earth, or for better education, you can announce your cause to the world with a custom shirt that shouts your statement on your back.

You can also go in costume to wear your advocacy, especially if you want to get attention as you ride. At the end of your route, not only did you exercise, but you also spread information about what you really believe in, whatever that may be.
But before you do any of these tips, make sure your bike is in working condition and you are wearing the proper safety gear even if you’re in costume. Remember that safety is always a priority before you go out and have your fun on wheels.

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