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Behind every effective attack is an excellent set.

Setting may be one of the most basic skills in volleyball but it’s one that can be challenging to master. In contrast to the power output when delivering a spike, setting requires a soft touch to be effective.

A setter’s job is extremely important for every team. From the word itself, your team relies on you to be able to accurately execute your set play. In order to achieve this perfectly, the setter and attacker must be able to communicate and time their attack as quickly as possible.

So how do you make a proper set?

volleyball-setting-01 (1)

STEP 1: Make a triangle with your thumbs and pointer fingers touching each other’s tips then position it right above your forehead.

volleyball-setting-02 (1)

STEP 2: Separate the tips of your fingers by an inch or two and cup your hands in the shape of the ball.
volleyball-setting-03 (1)

STEP 3: When receiving the pass, position your forehead directly under the ball with your fingers ready for the approaching ball. Your arms and knees should be bent as soon as you touch the ball.
volleyball-setting-04 (1)

STEP 4: Face your hips and shoulders towards where you want to send the ball. In one motion, using only your fingertips, push the ball towards your target while extending both your arms and legs to increase the distance of your set.
volleyball-setting-05 (1)

STEP 5: Add some spin to your set by following through once the ball has left your hands.
Mastering the set enables your team to execute their attacks from multiple angles and positions. While setting may not be as flashy as a thunderous spike or an emphatic block, setting is able to create opportunities for your team and shift the momentum in your team’s favor. In fact, it can even be said that the flow of the game is on the setter’s hands.

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