Getting into the Hall of Fame

PlayPH attempts to find out what it takes to become a basketball Hall of Famer.


The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame boasts of some the greatest names in basketball. It’s an elite class, where a lifetime of achievements are celebrated and legacies – immortalized. This year, the Hall of Fame will welcome the likes of Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Tina Thompson, Grant Hill, and Maurice Cheeks – players we’ve all loved and admired throughout their careers.


And so, as the 2018 Enshrinement nears in, PlayPH attempts to find out what it takes before slating your name into the Basketball Hall of Fame.



 It takes a distinct swagger to be different in a league of pro ballers. Steve Nash was one of those players – you knew it was him playing from a mile away. His flashy out-of-this-world passes, fadeaway jumpers, and acrobatic finishes made Nash standout in a league full of talented guards.

A two-time MVP and an eight-time All-Star, Nash introduced a new and fresh way of becoming a point guard and was also the cornerstone for Phoenix’s Run n’ Gun days during the late 2000s. Nash, in many ways, inspired young players to be like him – unselfish, efficient, and an overall great leader.



One of the greatest ever players to step on the hardwood floor was Jason Kidd. See for yourself:


Kidd knew what he was looking for before he even touched the leather, he had eyes at the back of his head for trailers, and could always predict when his wingmen would pop out of screens. To many, he was basketball’s god – a court genius that made everyone around him play better. Jason Kidd, retired and now coaching, is still a living testament that a mastery of craft will lead you to good things.




 For 17 years, Tina Thompson’s basketball career was geared towards excellence and success. Over the course of her career, she earned four WNBA titles, nine All-Star introductions, two Olympic Gold medals, and was named one of the leagues’ Top 15 All-Time Players. Thompson not only paved the way for women’s basketball, she raised the bar higher for everyone to follow.


Although Thompson wore many basketball hats in her career, she’s still got her eyes on the prize: Today, she distinguishes herself as the University of Virginia’s women’s basketball coach and is looking to inspire her team to strive for excellence.




It’s hard to think of a grittier cager than Grant Hill; his days as a Piston were some of basketball’s best sights to see. The special thing about Hill, though, is that he was nowhere near the league’s most athletic figure – but that he was brave and full of grit. His scoring abilities came from his fearlessness to get into the lane and bang bodies with the big men.


Hill’s formula of grit and passion led him to seven All-Star appearances, an NBA First Team slot, and in a few days – a seat to die for at the Basketball Hall of Fame.



Do you have what it takes to become a Hall of Famer?



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