Going Further Indoors

Indoor cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone at their own pace.

Cover Image: Since the 1990s, Indoor Cycling has helped people engage in an active lifestyle in a fun way, which they can also do from inside their homes. (fitnessfirst.com.ph)

One of the best ways to see and appreciate the beauty of the world is by riding a bike. It’s a fun and affordable way to travel while allowing you to soak in the view and enjoy moments together with your cycling buddies. In addition, cycling is a sport that brings great health benefits. Today, a new cycling trend is bringing all the fun and its rewards indoors.

Indoor cycling has actually been around since the 1990s, and today, more people are turning their attention to it as a way to help get fit and healthy. Differentiated from traditional spinning classes by the number of exercise that are done on the stationary bike itself, indoor cycling is a highly effective cardio and strength-building workout where one can burn up to 600 calories (while enjoying great music or together with friends) in just 45 minutes. Not only is the sport intense and fast-paced, it is also something that can be enjoyed by people from different fitness levels.

Indoor cycling has long been available in the Philippines at a variety of gyms and fitness centers and, through the years, it has helped provide Filipinos a fun way to enjoy the sport while keeping them fit and healthy. Unlike running, cycling is a low-impact sport which you can easily adjust to your fitness level and preferred difficulty. Friendly coaches from local indoor cycling boutiques are always ready to guide you through your journey, so, invite your family and friends, and engage in a sport that you can enjoy at your own pace!

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