If the Shoe Fits

PlayPH lists down tips on finding the perfect fit on running shoes.

Cover Image: Choosing the right pair of shoes for running can make all the difference.

Whether you run just for leisure or you hit the tracks to compete, having the perfect shoe fit makes all the difference.

There are a number of shoe types that accommodate runners of all strides. These shoes cater to all the different foot shapes so you have to make sure that the shoes you take to the marathon is the right one for yours to keep you from getting any type of injuries.

Trying on shoes in the stores may not do you all the testing you need to know if it’s the perfect one for your running activities, most times you just know when you are already outside running.

Here’s a list of tips you can use to make sure you get the proper pair for running needs.

  1. Know your shoe category

 Determine if you need shoes for road running, trail running, or cross training. These 3 different activities need different shoe designs that will accommodate to the specific needs of the runner for stability, support, and protection.

  1. Know the shape of your feet 

Looking for the right pair for your feet doesn’t only mean getting the right size in terms of length, considering the shape of your feet is also as important. There are three types of feet shapes — neutral, flat, and high arched – each having different builts and designs to give comfort, effeciency, and to help you avoid injuries.

A flatfoot needs shoes that are heavier and less flexible which helps a usually flexible flatfoot have more stability when running. For rigid and less flexible high arched feet, a well cushioned pair of shoes will provide your feet with good shock absorption. Lastly, for neutral feet, shoes built for stability will give both cushion and pronation.

  1. Fit shoes at the end of your day

Having the wrong shoe fit can bring in a number of problems, aside from it being very uncomfortable, it can also lead to both minor and major injuries, especially for runners. To get the best fit in your running shoes, try a pair at night. Normally, feet swell up after your whole day’s activities, and with your feet on it’s largest size, this will help you avoid buying shoes that are too small for your feet. 

  1. Go for that high ticket item

Never regret buying shoes that are a bit expensive, especially if you’re planning to running using them regularly. If you feel like the shoes you picked are already perfect for your specific need but are a bit too steep, don’t hesitate; take it, it’s a good investment. Get the best pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable and stable than get a subpar pair that can lead to injuries. The hospital bill will surely be more expensive.

  1. Go for separately bought insoles

Relying on built in soles in shoes may not work for everyone, especially for people who do intense activities, like running. It is important to keep your feet comfortable even under a lot of stress from running, and by buying insoles separately, you can choose what offers your feet more support, comfort, and fit.

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