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With the 2017-2018 season in full swing, here’s our rundown on the changes fans can expect from the NBA.

While Gordon Hayward’s injury gave NBA fans a season opener we won’t soon forget, that’s not the only big news coming out of the world’s most popular basketball league.



Addressing the problem of superstars sitting out entire games so they can rest, the NBA has implemented changes to this season’s schedule, reducing the number of consecutive matches and single-game road trips, while increasing games held on weekends. The moving of the season opener to mid-October was carried out to accommodate the changes.


Time outs are a critical part of every game, but this has also caused games to slow down and become choppy. With this new modification, the league has reduced the timeouts from 18 to 14 seconds, with only two allowed during the last three minutes.



With Chris Paul gone, it didn’t look too bright for Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers. All hope seemed loss until the team acquired Milos Teodosic. The 30 year old, European legend looked great as he competed in the pre-season. But only as the regular season unfolds we’ll be able to tell if he can fill up the big shoes that Paul has left.


Last year’s MVP, Russel Westbrook has nothing else to prove– except for an NBA Championship. To help him get this, the OKC Thunders acquired the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and the Pacers’ former leader, Paul George. This team is stacked and can only be exciting to watch.


SOURCE: Bleacher Report

James Harden and Chris Paul are on one team. Let that sink in for a while. While James Harden is already one of the best point guards in the NBA, who’d say no to the addition of Chris Paul to the Rockets? This will definitely be a team to watch out for just to see how the two will play it out during the season. While Paul’s knee has thus far kept us from seeing it, we can’t wait to find out how well the two will work together.



Lebron James has been calling out for a playmaker for as long as we can remember. It may have taken a while, but whatever the King wishes, he gets. The Cavs have signed up the 5’9 superstar, Isaiah Thomas III to replace Kyrie Irving. They’ve acquired Derrick Rose to push up the Cavs pace, and Dwyane Wade to bring championship experience to the table . And even with their two point guards healing up, The King and the Cavs have proven to play in winning form, with the team hungrier to win than ever. The true question is will they be able to sustain their energy until the end.



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