IronKids 2017: Finding Your Finish

From beginning to end, nothing beats the feeling of crossing that finish line.

Now in its seventh year, Alaska IronKids kicked off the 2017 season with a triathlon and aquathlon.

On March 11, Alaska IronKids Triathlon kicked off its seventh year in Subic Bay, with over 160 kids, ages 6 to 14 years old, ready to put their stamina to the test in a three-event competition of swimming, biking, and running. Among the young athletes were seasoned competitors and newcomers, all accompanied by some combination of coaches, families, and friends. For the IronKids, each of these people played a role in helping them reach their physical potential to complete the race.

The gun went off at 6am, propelling the racers into the water for the first stage of the event. As the swim gave way to the bike portion, and finlly, the run, the tension and anxiety of the intial moments would give way to hugs, high fives, and cheers as the IronKids crossed the symbol of their efforts: the finish line.

At IronKids Subic Bay 2017, these young triathletes came together to race for something bigger than themselves.

Before long, victors and race finishers were gathered at the race arch, relishing the feelings of hard-won fulfillment that come with accomplishing a major goal.

But the feelings weren’t limited to Subic; last week, the Manila Polo Club played host to the first IronKids Aquathlon of the year, a smaller scale event that saw participants test their skills in a combined swim and run event.

As part of their advocacy to promote a nutritious, well-balanced lifestyle, Alaska Milk Corporation introduced the international IronKids competition in the Philippines, encouraging children aged 6-14 to hone their skills in a new sport while building foundations rooted in the values of discipline, hard work, determination, and good sportsmanship.

Whether they had signed up to defend a title, break a record, or to prove something to themselves, the children all had their own reasons and meanings behind wanting to be able to cross the finish line. And thanks to IronKids, they had their chance.

With the next IronKids Aquathlon set to take place in Subic on June 3, and the next full junior triathlon event scheduled for August 5 in Cebu, there will be plenty more opportunities for young athletes and triathletes alike to discover the true meaning and joy of finding their finish.

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