Keeping a Balance

Being a champion is about more than winning races.

In the world of athletics, Tara Borlain is a champion many times over. The winner of multiple Alaska IronKids competitions, Tara, along with her sisters Sam and Chezka, is a mainstay of local race events. Training under the paternal wing of their father, Ringo, the siblings were taught the value of hard work and discipline from an early age. She joined her first run, the UP Centennial run, at the age of 5, and was the youngest participant.

Now, trophies, medals, and accolades are all good and well, but it would all be meaningless if the person behind it wasn’t able to judge her athletics with her academic obligations.

Currently enrolled in De La Salle Santiago Zobel, Tara has displayed a zeal for learning that rivals her passion for active sport and, in the process, has achieved a record that any parent can be proud of. For the school year 2015-2016, aside from her sporting accomplishments as a member of DLSZ’s varsity, Tara was recognized as an Exemplary Conduct Awardee, hosted a Grade 7 event, and maintained an average grade of 90 in all of her subjects.

Tara’s ability to manage the different areas of her life can be attributed to her parents, who instilled attributes like determination and responsibility in her and her sisters through their own examples. Ringo, for instance, managed to work his way up from humble beginnings to representing the entire country as a Mr. Universe contestant. Today, he is a physical education teacher in De La Salle University, as well as a strength and conditioning coach of the canoe-kayak and dragon boat national teams.

With that kind of an example to motivate and inspire, it’s no wonder Tara and her sisters have become the achievers that they are. Never let it be said that a healthy balance of work and play is beyond reach; it’s just a matter of maintaining perspective. As Tara herself once told PlayPH, “You have to work hard, and you also have to love what you’re doing.”

Spoken like a true champion.

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