Kickin’ It At Home

Using the things you have at home combined with imagination, you can enjoy fun games to play with your children while helping them develop their skills.

Cover Image: More than a sport, football is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

For Filipino sports fanatics, it doesn’t matter whether they are playing the game they love on the court, on the field, or even on the streets. This is especially true to the young athletes who have the purest passion for the game especially when they’re having so much fun playing with their friends and family.

With the young Filipinos of today slowly but surely embracing the beautiful game, parents have started to enroll their children to football camps or even encourage them to join clubs. However, since most football training happen on weekends, these young footballers are often left with no choice but to wait for the week to end. While it’s not a bad sign to see your child really enjoying the game, parents can use this opportunity to bond with their young footballers through fun improvised games they can play together at home.


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This is a simple fun game where you would only need a ball for each of your children and 2-3 plastic buckets (preferrably more if you have them). Lay these buckets hidden around the yard and have them dribble the ball as they look for them. Once they spot a bucket, they must line up and kick the ball into the bucket as if it was the goal.

It’s a simple fun game but it could help improve your young footballers’ dribbling, awareness, accuracy, speed, and most of all, footwork. Of course, parents are encouraged to play together with their children to make it even more fun for the whole family.



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While we do not want your young footballers to be breaking things unintentionally by kicking a ball, we could help them develop a better aim through a simple game we call Wall Breakers.

To play this game, you simply need to build a wall made up of milk cartons or containers on one side of the yard. Your children must stand at the opposite end and aim for the milk cartons. If they fail to hit or break the entire “wall”, they must run and get the ball, dribble back to the opposite end of the yard, and try again. In addition to having better aim, this could also help improve their stamina, dribbling, and power to their kicks.



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This is a really fun game for the whole family where you would only need some chairs, a ball, and some music. Sit and Roll is a combination of dribbling drills and the classic childhood party game, “Trip to Jerusalem.”

It’s really easy to set this game up requiring only two steps: first, you need to line up the chairs on the yard, and second, play the music. The idea is to have your young footballers dribble the ball around the chairs as if they are cones and once the music stops, they must race to the chair, sit down, all while keeping the ball between their feet. Each round, a chair will be removed and whoever fails to sit on one will be eliminated.

There are several fun games you can play together with your children using the things you already have at home and of course, your imagination. Not only is it a fun way to bond with your children, it also helps them develop skills they need to enjoy the game they love even more. Improvisation and imagination is key.

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