LeBron’s a Laker. Now what?

Shedding light on the future of the King in his new home.

The King is building his final castle in Los Angeles. What’s to expect from the closing years of LeBron’s career?

Hard to believe but – LeBron is a Laker.


It’s hard to say the world didn’t see it coming, though. Since the King’s downward slope in Ohio, the Lakers have been pulling all the right strings to make this blockbuster deal happen. Along with other probable moves this summer, acquiring LeBron James, arguably the best player on the planet, was the biggest one yet. And for the first time in the post-Kobe era, the Lakers finally got it right.

And so, now what?


A solid and very obvious prediction is simple: The Warriors are looking at another contender in the West. With the Spurs in rebuilding mode, the Trailblazers in a who-knows-what-they’re-doing phase, and the Rockets keeping about 95% of their roster intact – it seems like the powerhouse Warriors are up for a bumpy season ahead.


That makes sense, a lot of it, really. For a team that’s crushed its share of LeBron’s past championship hopes, , the King’s move to Beverly Hills only gives him more chances at dethroning the Dubs. Together with Lonzo Ball and probably Kawhi Leonard or Demarcus Cousins coming in, we’re looking at the new face of Showtime – a show starring LeBron and his homestretch attempt to reinstate his glory.


A closer look at NBA history tells us the Lakers have always stamped themselves as winners. For as long as fans can remember, we’ve been spoiled with great L.A. teams that have helped shape the course of basketball history. In fact, the Lakeshow not really winning anything in the few past years feels weird for the league. But now, with Lakers President Magic Johnson going all out for superstar free agents, that’s about to change – hopefully.


It’s too early to speak, though. Based on experience, LeBron’s superteam integrations never go as expected. Remember when LeBron first joined Wade and Bosh in the Miami Heat? Their first year was a botch. His first year back in Cleveland with Kyrie? Botched. But who knows? With LeBron now older, smarter, and wiser, things could veer away from his established patterns.

The mission is bold enough –win championships on a winning franchise together with a cast of winners. Winning – It’s been LeBron’s nature ever since we first saw him rip the high school courts.


And in the final stretch of his career, the question to ask is this: will LeBron finally forge the legacy he so desperately craves? Or will he go down as another NBA what if?


The next four years in Los Angeles will tell.

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