Mindanao Children’s Games: A Venue for Dedication

For four days, Mindanao’s young athletes were given their time to shine.

These Lumad girls travelled over 60 kilometers to take part in this year’s Mindanao Children’s Games.Image Source: The Philippine Star

The wonderful thing about sports is how it can bring anyone from anywhere together. Whether it’s a friendly game of badminton on the streets or an amateur barangay volleyball league, the teamwork and friendship these players take away is a fulfilling sight.



“Mission Accomplished,” as they would say. When the Philippine Sports Commission held the Mindanao Children’s Games that took place in Davao from May 23-27, it certainly proved to be a catalyst for peace. Despite the news surfacing the area, the PSC made it their primary goal to draw unity from different religions and tribes.


The event welcomed over 600 out-of-school youth hailing from different provinces and highlighted basketball, volleyball, and traditional native games.


One heart-filling story comes from a young group of Lumad girls. From the surroundings of Mt. Apo to the streets of Davao, these girls traveled 60 kilometers over a span of three days. But instead of giving in to their fatigue, the eager young athletes took the opportunity to showcase their talents.


The kids participated in what was a three day volleyball tournament, wherein they got the chance to meet and compete with other kids as well. Although they did come up short of the championship, they did bring home something better – a bundle of memories made with new friends and teammates. On top of that, the Lumad Tribe gained a stronger position within Mindanao’s sports community, that they too, have the same potential to become great athletes.


After a succesful outing, the PSC is eyeing in on holding similar tournaments in Cagayan de Oro, Butuan City, Bacolod, Cebu, Catbalogan, and Tacloban.


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