Moments of Passion

With their battle cry, “We Not Me,” the Alaska Aces play with passion – they play like champions.

Cover Image: The Alaska Aces played against overwhelming odds in the 2015 PBA Governor’s Cup Finals. (

A lot can happen in a moment.

It was the final quarter of Game 4 of the PBA Governor’s Cup. Powered by precision three-point shooting from import Arizona Reid and play-making maneuvers from MVP June Mar Fajardo, the San Miguel Beermen had built up an insurmountable advantage. Even before the final buzzer sounded in the Smart Araneta Coliseum that fateful July 17, the writing was on the wall.

In what had been a roller coaster best-of-seven series that saw Alaska lose by 30 points in Game 1, Game 4 marked the third time in a row that the Aces had failed to maintain a double digit lead in the second half. As Game 4’s final quarter drew to a close, it was a foregone conclusion that the Beermen would be the victors of the 2015 PBA Governor’s Cup.

But the Aces weren’t going down easily, and, against all odds, they persevered. In that moment, everybody saw what kind of team Coach Alex Compton had assembled, and knew beyond a doubt that “Never Quit Squad” was a label well and truly earned.

It was the final quarter of Game 4 of the PBA Governor’s Cup and the score was in favor of the Beermen. The Aces’ Sonny Thoss had just converted a fastbreak layup and a bonus free throw, while Calvin Abueva was about to grab the rebound on his own free throw to score a layup that would cut the Beermen’s lead down to 10. One thing was for sure: the Aces has not given up just yet.


With unwavering passion, strong motivation and unquestioned love for the game – together,
the Alaska Aces play like champions.

At any sporting event, one could tell which way the wind was blowing from the number of people starting to leave before the final score was tallied leaving the true fans behind – fans that are willing to stay until the very end no matter what the score board says.

As they shuffled towards the exits, citing sudden parking concerns or simply making themselves out to be unsung coaching geniuses, the fair weather fans, in truth, had only themselves to embarrass through their show of disloyalty.

As the Aces played their hearts out in those closing moments, their supporters were making their voices heard. In the stadium, on social media, and beyond, nothing could dissuade the proud, the loyal, the fans. This wasn’t just their idols’ moment, it was theirs, and they would be there, every step of the way.

To everyone who made themselves heard, raised their hands, or cheered in support, you have every right to be proud. Whatever happened, from that moment on, July 17 would go down as a day long remembered, not for the shots that were made or the ones that weren’t, but for proving, to one and all, the true meaning behind “We not me”.

The dream lives on, fans. And the drive for 15 continues.

A lot can happen in a moment.



Passionate Aces fans show up in a big way at Game 4 of the 2015 PBA Governor’s Cup Finals. (


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