NBA Draft Highlights

The NBA is even more exciting with the addition of sensational rookies.

The 2017 NBA Draft has given fans more exciting things to witness this coming season.


After several months of predictions, analysis, and mock drafts, the 2017 NBA Draft has finally been stamped into history. 60 brand new players have now been given the opportunity to showcase their potential, and eventually become future franchise players.


For starters, a discussion around the first overall pick would be fitting. Markelle Fultz, a point guard out of Washington will serve as the newest acquisition for the Sixers. Based on his scouting reports and game tapes, Fultz’s tools could be just right for Philadelphia. Fans can now be excited about a 6’4” one-guard who can create shots for himself and his teammates.



First overall pick Markelle Fultz has been an impressive prospect throughout the draft period.
Source: Basketball NCAA


Apart from that, his size advantage also gives him the ability to see over defenders and stretch out passing lanes. On the scoring end, Fultz is the kind who likes to slash and finish strong at the basket. He’s also a decent shooter from deep, averaging 41%. The Sixers are finally completing their process this season with the addition of Fultz. And with a healthy Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Fultz, they now potentially have the league’s youngest and scariest trio.


Lonzo Ball is looking to live up to his hype as the Lakers’ newest guard.
Source: Sporting News


Another highlight from the draft would be the Lakers selecting Lonzo Ball as the second overall pick. Way before his father, Lavar Ball, who we all admire, turned him into a media favorite, Ball was already on the shortlist of standout rookies who had the similarities of a younger Magic Johnson.


Ball is an oversized floor general who has fallen in love with the three-point shot and does exceptionally well in getting his teammates involved. With Ball in the Lakers rotation, fans are looking at more depth especially with their style of play.


Competitive forward Jayson Tatum has just been acquired by the Celtics in hopes to improve their former standing.
Source: Draft Express


Another big name to enter this year’s class is Jayson Tatum out of Duke. The Boston Celtics played it out perfectly from dealing with the Sixers up until draft night. Boston may be receiving a pure scorer to co-star in the Isaiah Tomas show, but as well as a player who doesn’t mind getting dirty on the defensive end.


The small forward knows his role on the floor and adds a bit more to his taste with quick post-moves and strong drives. As of now, the Celtics have a team that’s ready to fight with powerhouse teams. But who knows what they’re going to pull off next.


By far, those are the three biggest names of the draft. But because the NBA has a special way of twisting the inevitable, then the sleepers in this class have just the same opportunity as anybody else does. Think otherwise? Just remember Isaiah Thomas was drafted last during 2011.


Rookies like Portland’s Caleb Swanigan and his dominance in the paint, as well as 46th pick Sterling Brown of the Bucks who has the potential to become one of the league’s explosive players. Or even Ivan Raab, a former projected lottery pick who decided to return to college, now has a solid opportunity to be a rotation player for the Grizzlies.


Ultimately, the class of 2017 has made the league even more exciting with rookie talents and untold stories. From here on out, hoop fans can sit tight until the next season of NBA basketball to begin.


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