NBA Kids

Whenever these kids are around, there’s never a dull moment.

The Kids of the NBA are always ready to make you laugh.

Every once in a while when NBA games are overflowing with tension, fans like to direct their attention to other things – like the adorable kids of their favorite superstars. Here are some of the times these kids put smiles on everybody’s faces.



Riley Curry had other things in mind besides the playoffs.

Source: NBA

There’s nothing more intense than a postseason matchup between two powerhouse teams. Fans, players, and coaches are always on their toes waiting for the opposing squad to crack at the pressure.

But at the height the 2015 playoffs, Steph Curry sat at the table during most post game interviews. As soon as he started speaking, his then three-year-old daughter Riley would steal the show with her cute antics. She left reporters amused with her funny faces and took every opportunity at the microphone.


D. Rose wasn’t always too expressive. Good thing his son is.

Source: Complex Sports


Another moment was during the 2014 playoffs, when Derrick Rose his Bulls went up against the Cavs. Although he did struggle to keep up with LeBron, PJ Rose’s face showed otherwise. It was fun to see that even for a short time, there was some sort of relief despite the intense games.


Like his dad, Lil’ Chris has joined in on some team jokes.

Source: NBA 


Chris Paul’s son, Lil’ Chris also has a few press con tricks up his sleeve. One of them was an accurate impression of his dad’s teammate, Blake Griffin.



Chris Paul II’s dunk was more creative than all of his father’s in-game jams.


For the first time in basketball history, the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend featured a slam dunk contest for kids. The mini-competition showcased some of the most creative dunks fans have ever seen. When it was Chris Paul II’s turn, he had a special guest. Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart joined in on the skit and while laying down, threw a perfect lob which led to a Lil’ Chris slam. It was awesome.




Kobe Bryant passed down greatness to Zaire Wade.

Source: YouTube


It’s not everyday you get to take away lessons from Kobe Bryant. During last year’s All-Star game, Dwyane Wade’s son Zaire was lucky enough to learn some offensive moves from one of the league’s best. It was low post 101 for the young Wade as Kobe Bryant passed on some important details to capitalize on when attacking the hoop.





For the Abueva family, it’s always a team effort.

Source: @jasonmercenePH on Twitter


Although the aforementioned shows kids from the NBA, this family does come close. It’s difficult to keep track of the times Calvin Abueva’s sons, Lamarcus Calvin, Clint Joseph, Calvin James, and Deandrei Calvin were the real stars of a PBA game. Whether it’s a family huddle, a post-game interview or just simple cheering, the Abueva kids have proven to be the backbone of The Beast’s success.


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