Nutrition in the NBA

The NBA demands more than skill, but a dedication to healthy habits too.

When you’re playing on the biggest stage of basketball, for the best teams, alongside the most elite players, there’s more to the game than putting the ball through the basket. Health and nutrition do play vital roles in any accomplished NBA career. From the food they eat each day to their off-court workouts, the basketball stars of the league make it a point to go all out.




If you look closely, NBA players transform their bodies throughout the years they spend playing. A great example would be The King himself, LeBron James. Being one of the few players to come out of high school, James was very slim and sleek early in his career.


But as years passed, James had to evolve along with demands of the game on his way to becoming a versatile franchise player. Countless hours spent in the gym focusing on his body led to one of the league’s most prevalent body transformations. More importantly, he’s kept his athletic ability and quickness to go along with his size, allowing him to put up incredible numbers each night.


Now on his 15th season, The King is coming in at a height of 6-8 and a lean weight of 250 pounds. That’s one scary freight train of a fast break coming at you. Here’s what a day of a complete body workout looks like for LeBron:


The King’s powerful body wasn’t built over night; it’s a result of years of hard work.





For some aspiring athletes, a proper diet could arguably be the hardest thing to maintain. After all, running up and down the court does burn off hundreds of calories. But having a chiseled body isn’t all there is to a diet. For NBA players to compete at the highest level of basketball, they go through intense nutrition plans throughout the season.


For sharpshooter Ray Allen, season meals always have to be filled with lean meat (beef), fresh fish, green veggies, unsalted nuts, and fruit. During his championship run with the Miami Heat, Allen began to add complex carbohydrates to his diet like sweet potatoes and brown rice to help top-up his energy levels especially during intense games.


A complete meal. An accomplished NBA player, Ray Allen made it a point to eat the right food throughout the season.


Whenever a squad is on the visiting end of the game, plane rides could be the best way to snack on salty food. Not for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Showtime squad likes to keep their traveling light and clean when it comes to their meals. Organic chips, yogurt, cheese, and high-protein beef are the things that fill up their plates.


Phoenix Suns guard Jared Dudley also likes to maximize the benefits of healthy meals. As a habit, Dudley’s typical day starts with a breakfast plate of high-protein eggs, fiber-filled fruit, and oatmeal for carbohydrates. Another example would be Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers and his post-practice turkey meal to keep the protein levels high.



There are many reasons that the NBA is recognized as having the best players in the world. As their attention to areas like nutrition show, getting to the top isn’t easy – it’s all in the details.



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