Ready for Tip-Off: Alaska Volleyball Powercamp 2016

Veteran spiker mentors the next generation.

When it comes to summer activities, the time and energy children would normally spend at school is easily squandered if not put to productive use, to say nothing of the health benefits they would be missing out on. Recognizing this, the Alaska Milk Corporation has been at the forefront of providing children fun sporting activities in the form of the Alaska Power Camps. Aside from the skills needed to play the game, participants are taught the values of discipline, hard work, teamwork and determination.

Next up in the Power Camp series is Volleyball, headlined by none other than ace player Michelle Gumabao. A former award-winning varsity player (for the De La Salle Lady Spikers) and UAAP champion currently playing for the Philips Gold Lady Slammers, Coach Michelle is primed to mentor the next generation ready for their time on the hard court.


The Alaska Volleyball Power Camps are open to children aged 5 to 18 years old.

Open to girls aged 5-18 years old, Module 1 of the Volleyball Power Camp is set to tip off in April, with sessions taking place at the Ateneo de Manila College Covered Courts and De La Salle Zobel campus, while the second session following in May.

“We will be covering all the skills related to volleyball like serving, passing, blocking and spiking. Most of all the camp will teach discipline, dedication and hard work,” said coach Michele.

For veterans and beginners alike, nothing beats the excitement of picking up or improving your skills in a sport you’re passionate about.


Follow these easy steps to register for the Alaska Volleyball Power Camp:

STEP 1. Log On To
STEP 2. Choose register, and check the waiver form before clicking continue.
Step 3. Select venue. Click continue.
STEP 4. Fill up registration form. Select mode of Payment.
* FOR BANK DEPOSIT: After completion, you will receive an email with the bank details.
* FOR CASH PAYMENT: Print out the email sent by our Secretariat. Bring it together with your payment on. The first day of the camp.
* FOR PROOF OF PURCHASE : Print out the mail sent by our secretariat. Bring it together with your proof
of purchase (products should be bought from march 1, 2016 onwards).
* FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT : Follow instructions precisely, you should get a confirmation message that says, “you have successfully completed your registration for the Alaska Volleyball Power Camp”. Print out the email sent by our secretariat. Bring it on the first day of the camp.

For more information on this and other Power Camps, visit or call Alaska Milk Corporation at 840-4500 (local 205, 209) and ask for CK or Rogen.

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