Rewarding Hits

Regardless of the outcome of any game, everyone goes home a winner with their love for the sport.

Excitement never dies down in a game where fans passionately cheer from start to finish. (

What makes you fall in love with a sport?

Whether as a player or as a fan, sports has a certain allure that taps into your deepest emotions that eventually turn into passions. You see fans shedding tears for every loss and every celebration of victory for a team composed of athletes they might not even know personally. You see athletes getting hyped at the sound of the ball swishing through the net or the thunderous hits with every spike. You see spectators watching the action in the comfort of their home get into the game, jumping, cheering, and celebrating, turning them into fans. It’s almost magical how sports touch lives – a magic that has lived for a long time, and always will.

There are a lot of sports being played all over the world and some of them gives us all a rush of emotion that keeps our eyes glued to every play. One of them is volleyball. Below is a list of some of the emotions people from all over the world feel from watching and playing the sport.


From service, the setting of the ball, the high jumps as the athletes prepare to make a thunderous spike, to the rallies that send the ball back and forth – every play seemingly runs in slow motion until the crowd explodes with cheers when the ball finally hits the floor. In contrast to other sports, volleyball is one to leave players and fans holding their breaths especially in really close games.

Offline and on, fans are proud to share their team pride.


Long before the game begins, most fans have already marked their calendars and invited their family and friends to watch it with them. Beyond the fast pace, the highlight plays, rivalry games, and athletic stars playing the game, there are a lot of reasons for fans to get all excited for volleyball.


In volleyball, every game is unpredictable. A slight difference in movement can make or break a play which can shift the momentum of the game as quickly as a blink of an eye. Watching volleyball is like watching sky dancers gracefully performing with speed, power, and intense passion with every play. How six individuals work together as one is simply amazing to watch.


Through the years, true fans have become well-versed of the game that they can offer great insights across many dimensions of the sport. Some of them have been posting play-by-play analysis online, sharing their opinions in terms of player movements, and suggesting steps on how to improve a team. These conversations happen even during the offseason, at home with their families, and even at the streets with friends. Just as players put their heart and soul in playing the game they love, their passion has rubbed off on their true fans.


Ultimately, the joy sports bring is the one that ignite our passion and keep it burning. Through wins and losses, from one evolution to another, both players and fans have grown with the sport that they have grown to love. The joy they feel strengthens their affinity to the sport – and that is what makes it all fun.

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