Running on Emotion – The New Generation of Running Apps

Your quick guide to some of the latest running apps.

Cover Image: Keep motivated by playing your favorite cheering app while conquering your first marathon.(

It’s no secret that we Filipinos pride ourselves on how our familial bonds tie into nearly everything that we do – it’s a part of our culture. From cooking the family’s favorite dishes on special occasions to having oversized tarpaulins printed to celebrate someone’s good grades, Filipinos are genetically-predisposed to be their loved ones’ biggest fans.

With the proliferation of fun runs, marathons, and triathlons in the country, that support now includes beloved family members in custom t-shirts waving colorful placards to cheer you on at various points along the designated race route. However, while there’s no motivation quite like that derived from your loved ones cheering you on, it’s also true that they can’t cover the entire course, and it’s entirely possible that they won’t be able to attend your every race or training session.

And that’s where the new generation of running apps comes in.

Taking advantage of the fact that many runners today train and compete with their earbuds in, these apps are designed to go beyond monitoring and management of your run’s physical aspects (though they do that as well) in order to provide much-needed emotional support through pre-recorded cheers and messages.

Motivational, functional, and best of all, mobile, here are some of the best apps available that are making it possible for the Juan family to cheer on their unico hijo on from literally anywhere in the world, effectively transforming what has traditionally been a solitary experience into one where you can draw continuous strength and motivation from the fact that you are not alone.



Motigo plays your loved ones’ pre-recorded cheers during the race. (

Designed as the world’s first personalized motivation app, Motigo goes beyond playing pre-recorded cheers or reading out your friends’ typed social messages. For the first time, your family and friends can designate way in advance just where and when along your route their voices will be piped right to your headset.



Hear your friends’ encouraging comments with Nike+’s cheer feature. (


Packed with social options, the award-winning Nike+ boasts a full roster of features with integration on all of the major social networks. The Cheer feature here comes into play when the app posts to your wall that you’re in the middle of a run. From that point on, every like or comment that status receives will play virtual cheering noises on your phone. 


With Runtastic, your friends can record a cheer and send it to you while you’re on the run.

With live tracking activated, friends will be able to follow your progress and record up to five five seconds of cheers and send them out to you while you’re on the go. Also, whenever somebody decides to like the post announcing you’ve gone out on your run, you’ll hear a pre-recorded cheer to help you on your way.



Runkeeper Go lets your friends track and cheer you on in mid-race. (

Built off the ever-popular Runkeeper, Runkeeper Go, like the other apps on this list, allows your family and friends to track you on your run in realtime, while the new, streamlined aesthetic introduced in Runkeeper 6.0 allows you to set options with ease, as well as full integration with your music. For iOS users, music tempo can be set to speed up and slow down in time with your pace.



Endomondo’s Pep Talk feature allows your friends to follow your running progress in real time. (

Bought by Under Armour for US $2B, Endomondo is one of the most established names in running apps, and compatible with a number of wearable technologies, including Pebble, Apple Watch and Android Wear. The Pep Talk feature allows for people to track their friends’ runs in realtime and type out messages that will be read out loud to the runner.

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