Sabay Lakbay with UP Bike Share

Saving mother earth, one rider at a time

In honor of Earth Day 2017, the University of the Philippines Bike Share initiative organized “Sabay Lakbay”, a cycling eco-tour around UP Diliman and its surrounding areas. Based on the idea that seeing your city from two wheels is a unique experience, the event took place from 6am-2pm on April 23rd.

The starting point was University Avenue, with cyclists arriving for registration as early as 5am. Cyclists of all shapes, sizes, and ages came out for the event, decked out in everything from riding attire to superhero costumes. As the sun rose to reveal a beautiful Sunday morning, excitement filled the air.

Amidst event tents were facilities for anyone who wanted to check their tire pressure or fill their water bottles. At the same time, DJ’s from a local radio station performed live reporting from the venue.

For non-cyclists, the organizers had set up bikes they borrow to learn how to ride in a cordoned-off area. There was even a section with ramps where more advanced riders could practice and share tricks.

The first stop on Sakay Lakbay’s cycling eco tour of Quezon City was the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.

At 7am, Sabay Lakbay was underway, taking cyclists from UP to the eco-tour’s first stop: the scenic Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. From there, they took the historic

Quezon City Memorial Circle Elliptical Road back to UP, where they toured the tree-lined Academic Oval and new Science Complex before moving on to the serene Balara National Park. All told, Sakay Lakbay took cyclists through 15.5 kilometers of Quezon City highlights.

With volunteer marshals keeping watch, and bikers cheering each other through to each scenic stop, the third annual Sakay Lakbay gave cyclists a rare opportunity to ride while getting up close and personal with some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Cycling friends and family, enthusiasts, amateurs, and pros all came together for UP Bike Share’s Sakay Lakbay event.

A good day for cycling, and a great day for bonding – as the smiles on the faces of the participants made clear, “Sakay Lakbay” was a rousing success.


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