Serve’s Up!

An introduction to the emotional rollercoaster that is UAAP Volleyball.

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It’s going to be college volleyball season in 3, 2, 1! Next to basketball, volleyball is the most anticipated sport of the academic year. This time around, it’s the hard-hitting gals who take the spotlight.

Star athletes like Alyssa Valdez of Ateneo de Manila University, Mika Reyes and Ara Galang of De La Salle University, and Jaja Santiago of National University are all coming back on the court to play for this year’s UAAP volleyball crown.

It will truly be exciting times for students and alumni alike, but it’s not just them who will be cheering hard for their teams and players. Volleyball has garnered quite a following in sports fandom in recent years and today, no doubt other sports fans will also stay glued to every serve, spike, and block.

With just a few days away from the start of the season, let us excite you even more. If you’re a newbie to the fandom, we’ll give you a glimpse into the breathtaking moments of the game. If you’re already a veteran fan, you’ll probably agree to what we have to say.



Let’s start with the serve. 

The anticipation comes when the referee blows the service whistle. You start biting your nails as the server tosses the ball. You’ll hold your breath as you hear the ball come into contact with the player’s hand. You release your breath as the ball goes over the net. Sometimes, you find yourself muttering a prayer as the player does a jump serve, and you don’t breathe as long as she’s in the air. Then you prepare yourself for the rally.

The receiving team moves into action. 

You sigh a second’s worth of relief as the libero receives the ball safely. Sometimes, you wince as the receiver dives to prevent a service ace. All of these are happening while your eyes also try to catch up with the movement of players in the front row.

Here comes the set! 

Do you know what they say about hang time? This time, the ball literally hangs in the air as the setter tips it towards her spiker. Your breath hangs as long as the ball does, too.

Finally, there’s the spike! 

And the spike goes BOOM! You feel your ears ring from the smack of skin against rubber. If you’re for the receiving team, every inch of your being wills for a kill. If you’re for the other team, you pray to the whole of heaven for a reception.

There’s a dig and the rally continues!

Receive, set, attack, repeat. You go from relief to anticipation to almost cheering, but no, the play goes on! As the rally goes on, you start wondering whether your heart can take any more of the action. But you really secretly don’t want the rally to stop. Unless, of course, it means that your team gets the point.

Sometimes, the attacker decides to fool everyone and drops the ball. 

And you find your breath, your heart, and your stomach drop, too.

Oh look, your team wins the point! 

You feel like electricity runs through your body and you start cheering – along with everyone else at your side of the venue. You watch the players pump their fists and come together for a huge team hug. If only you can jump down and join them, too!

Now, imagine yourself going through all of that for at least three sets. Better yet, why don’t you go try it out by joining one of the leading youth development programs in the country – the Alaska Volleyball Power Camp which will begin on the 13th of April! In the program, girls ages 5 to 18 get the opportunity to train under Alaska’s team of professional coaches including former De La Salle University star Michelle Gumabao! To sign up for the camp, go to or call 840-4500 loc 205 or 209 and look for CK or Rogen. Don’t you find it exciting enough? We sure do! If you need more convincing, then tune in to the upcoming UAAP volleyball tourney and see for yourself!


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