Sports Parents

Sharing love for the game with the next generation – literally!

As we close out 2017, PlayPH takes a look at the times that basketball fans have shared their passion for the game with their kids – sometimes from birth – in fun and unusual ways!



 Sure, there are lots of kids named after superstar athletes, but probably not that many named after up and comers, even ones as newly-minted L.A. Laker Lonzo Ball. While Ball has a long way to go on the road to becoming a legend, baby Lonzo’s parents have already shown they’re willing to place their faith on the rising hoops star.



For most people, catching a Cleveland Cavaliers game with their old man would be a great father-son bonding moment. Sadly, the father of a certain Thomas ended up watching the game alone. Dad wasn’t shy about letting the world know why he went solo, as he flashed a sign telling Thomas he could come along when he gets better grades.



John Sweeney shot to basketball fan fame when he was caught on the stadium camera dancing with his shirt off to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” in 2004, showing off body art proclaiming his love for KG and the Wolves. In 2015, Garnett made his return to Minnesota, and little did he or the crowd suspect, the now-famous “Jiggly Boy” was also in attendance and, well, you have to watch the clip to see what happened next, because this time, Sweeney was with his two sons! While we now know the whole thing was staged, Garnett was reportedly so moved by the performance, he bought a thousand tickets to be handed out to fans for the Timberwolves’ next home game.



Playing sports with your father is definitely enjoyable, but how many kids can say their dad is 9x All Star Chris Paul? Before Paul and the Rockets played the Boston Celtics earlier this week, his son Chris Paul II took it to the hardwood to squeeze in a quick point-guard clinic with dad. To no one’s surprise, little Chris has already begun to show promise in his ball handling skills. Could this be another NBA star in the making?

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