Superstitions of the Superstars

When playing on the biggest stages, there’s always room for good luck

Athletes are known to be a superstitious bunch, and there’s no lack of quirky traditions and superstitions observed by some of the world’s best. To honor 2017’s very first Friday the 13th, PlayPH lists down some of our favorites:



Probably basketball’s most famous superstition, MJ reportedly wore his North Carolina shorts under his Bulls uniform for good luck. Jordan, who is regarded as the best player to step on the hardwood, brought North Carolina to a championship in 1982 during his college years. Thus, when he turned pro, decided to wear his championship shorts underneath his Bulls uniform. So the next time a Michael Jordan montage comes up on your screens, we won’t judge you for checking out his shorts.



Wimbledon legend Björn Borg’s superstition became so infamous, even other athletes from various sports gave it a go (see #5). Months before the prestige tournament, Borg would grow out a beard and sport the same Fila shirt all throughout. Surprisingly, the “Lucky Beard” would be held responsible for Borg’s 5-straight Wimbledon titles.



Women’s tennis is owned by Serena Williams, with opponents fearing her famed competitive streak and on-court aggressiveness. This Wimbledon-winning, record-setting, former Olympian reportedly deflects negative energy by wearing the same pair of socks for the entirety of any tournament. Unhygienic feat (feet) aside, Williams’ accomplishments more than speak for themselves.

Other Serena superstitions to look out for include bouncing the ball 5-times before her first serve, and then twice on the second serve.



When it comes to the Argentinian widely considered to be the best player in the world, who would have thought his good luck charm was on his face? When Lionel Messi grew his beard for the Copa America tournament last year, his teammates asked for him not to shave it off. They may not have won that one, but even Messi himself says – aside from his complete football arsenal – he’s come to see his beard as a key to success that also happens to make him feel good.




When the Cavs have a big game on the line and you’re waiting for the LeBron James to turn in an epic performance, you know things are about to get real when the King heads on over to the stat table and tosses some chalk powder in the air. Short, sweet, and iconic, it’s a visual flair fans have come to expect from one of the most dominant players in the league. The only thing missing is a sign saying, “It’s game time”.


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