The A-Team: Alaska Tri-Aspire Triathletes

Get to know the newest members of the Alaska Tri-Aspire Triathlon Team!

Triathlon may an individual sport, but in many cases, the triathlete’s success comes from the support of friends, family or his team. Without the support of a strong and passionate team, all the training in the world wouldn’t be enough for one to fully achieve their potential.

Before the IronMan 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship in Mactan, Cebu, on August 7, get to know the newest members of the Alaska Tri-Aspire Triathlon Team. Comprised of six of the world’s best professional triathletes from different countries, the Tri-Aspire will race together towards one great goal: winning.



August Benedicto

Benedicto is the triathlete whose passion and love for sports led him from humble beginnings to becoming a 3-time Ironman 70.3 Champion. Before pursuing triathlon, Benedicto had to first overcome his fear of swimming, which he did at the relatively late age of 24. Today, Benedicto is recognized as one of the top triathletes in the country whose humility and drive for achievements inspire him to cross the finish line, one championship at a time.



epa04442728 Tim Van Berkel of Australia celebrates with spectators as he finishes in seventh place at the 2014 Ironman World Championship in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA, 11 October 2012. The Ironman competition challenges competitors with a 3.9 km swim, followed by a 180 km bike ride and is finished with a marathon (42.195 km) run. EPA/Bruce Omori

From a kid who grew up watching IronMan races on TV, Tim Berkel is living his dream of becoming an elite racer. He considers his first race as a surreal and transformative experience, one that took actually crossing the finish line for the very first time to help him realize that he had transitioned from being just a fan of the sport! Since then, Tim would go on to become the youngest two-time Ironman champion in the sport’s 33-year history.


SAM BETTEN “The Young Champ”

Sam Betten

Being the youngest one on the team, Sam strongly believes that a person’s passion for sports should start at a young age. Beginning in triathlon when he was a teen, Betten holds on to the belief that he is only as good as his last race. With this mindset, regardless of his numerous achievements, Betten remains focused on daily results and beating his personal bests over measuring himself against other athletes.


TIM REED “The Coach”

Tim Reed

Aside from being a world-class triathlete, Tim spends most of his time coaching other athletes who aspire to become pros like him. But this elite/coach wasn’t forged on the race track, having been an ace basketball player even before he laced up for his first triathlon. For Reed, the will to win is what makes the big difference, no matter what sport you’re playing. On the run as on the court, Reed can be counted on to give more than his 100% share.


CAROLINE STEFFEN “The Warrior Princess”

Caroline Steffen

Caroline Steffen may be one of the toughest competitors in her chosen sport, but she thoroughly believes that being part of a team is significant to any athlete’s journey. An inspiration to many a young athlete, Steffen knows that even a Warrior Princess needs a support system. On that front, Steffen considers herself lucky to have friends, family and yes, a team, who give her the opportunity to live her dream.



Dimity Lee Duke

For a dreamer like Dimity Lee Duke, anything is possible as she pursues her passion to be a great triathlete. Before she committed herself fully to the sport, Duke worked as a paramedic at remote mining sites in Australia for 12 hours a day while still managing to train twice daily. Her eagerness to be the best version of herself is her ultimate motivation, leading her to quit her job and chase her dream fulltime.

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