The Best and Worst Case NBA Finals Scenarios

Predicting the good and bad endings to a peaking rivalry.

Here are the six probably best and worst case scenarios for this year's NBA finals.

For the fourth straight year, the Golden State Warriors are set to dance with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And after witnessing an exciting game one unfold, PlayPH attempts to predict the best and worst case scenarios for the series.



A GOOD SCENARIO: The Warriors win (4-2)


It’s bound to happen one way or another. Year after year, we’ve seen the improve as a unit. Offensively, they’re mesmerizing to watch. It’s like poetry in motion – watching Klay run off the screen while Steph creates hammock against a defender. Or during the fine moments where Draymond plays the point is a reflection of the kind of trust there is in that system.


The Warriors are bound to win. With an offensive scheme like that, there’s no stopping them. They deserve every bit of that trophy.


A BETTER SCENARIO: LeBron cements his name in greatness


Will this be The King’s final shot at greatness? | Image Source: Slam Online


Face it: The thing with The King is that, the more he ages, the better he gets. At 33, James is out to prove his claims as the best player on the planet by attempting to snatch the title from the world’s best team. Here is LeBron’s stat line in the games leading to the finals:


             Game 1: 15-9-7

            Game 2: 42-12-10

            Game 3: 27-12-5

            Game 4: 44-3-5

            Game 5: 26-5-10

            Game 6: 46-9-11

            Game 7: 35-9-15


The numbers show that the Cavs are at their best when their King is at his best. And as he enters his 8th straight finals, there’s no doubt he recognizes the gravity of the situation. LeBron, with a battle-tested legacy on the line, will go the extra mile to win.


THE BEST SCENARIO: An electrifying 7th game


As history has told us, game 7’s are where teams truly prove themselves. | Image Source: Cavs Nation


Imagine this: a tied 3-3 series to be played in The Land. It’s the beautiful, elegant Warriors versus LeBron and the rest of the mean Cavaliers.


Now the great thing about having two teams go at it for the fourth straight time is that fans have a more-or-less guess about what could happen. Will LeBron monster-block a member of the Dubs to seal the deal? Will KD shimmy his way onto a stop-and-pop three to win? Or will an unsung hero rise to the occasion? Only a game seven can tell.


Now to the bad scenarios…



A BAD SCENARIO: A Finals Sweep


A sweep is where a team blows out a team four games to none in a series. Now, in this case, a sweep acts as the anti-climatic finish to an era of a rivalry. With the rising teams in the East and West, we’d be lucky to see another GSW-CLE finals matchup next year – especially with LeBron reportedly searching for a new basketball home.



A WORSE SCENARIO: The King’s men don’t show up… still


In a year that’s seen a lineup overhaul, controversial management moves, and blockbuster trades, you would expect the Cavs have built a team to go up against the Warriors. It’s almost as if they knew who they were going to face again. But now in the final stage of the post season, it’s the other Cavs’ presence that’s being questioned.


Did you know that during the Eastern Conference Finals, only two other Cavaliers besides James scored 20 or more points (Kevin Love, 22, Game 2 & George Hill, 20, Game 6). They’re other potential scorers Jordan Clarkson, J.R. Smith, and Rodney Hood never really provided back up offensively. Unless the other Cavaliers step up, then it’s bad news for them and The King.



THE WORST SCENARIO: The King Loses His Shine


Did you know James has played an average of 41:07 minutes these playoffs? And during game seven of the ECF, he played all 48 minutes? The fact suggests that in order to win, the Cavs need their King on the floor at all costs.


This means besides carrying the load for the team, he has the huge responsibility of staying healthy, keeping his engine well-oiled, and at a constant level of power. Because as we’ve seen it in last three years, that when LeBron decides to take a breather, is when the Warriors strike hard.

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