The Family That Trains Together

Training for triathlons may require a lot of hard work, discipline, and focus—but going through the experience with family can make everything much more fun.

Cover Image: A 4-time Olympian and the most decorated American short-course triathlete in history, Hunter Kemper makes sure he never loses focus of his duties to his family while in training. (

For people with children, a new life begins once you become a parent. Hobbies and lifestyles you once had when you were single sometimes have to go out the window once children come into the picture. Time dedicated to sports, for example, becomes time dedicated to taking care of kids and making sure their needs are met. But such does not necessarily need to be the case with triathlons.

Managing Your Time

When it comes to finding time to train and race, making a schedule and managing it are necessary. Knowing that your kids wake up and get home from school at certain times of the day allows you to fit in a few hours for training. Early morning sprints, swim laps, or cycling rounds mean exercising when your mind and body are most energized, while the absence of the full blast from the sun allows you to keep cool and go farther. Weekends on the other hand, can be spent for actual races, with your children supporting you from the stands.

Think About Integrating

Even if you’re the only one racing, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t get into the training with you. If your kids are too young to run, you can try jogging while pushing them in their strollers. You may not go as fast as you want, but the extra weight and resistance could help build your endurance. At the pool, you could leave your kids at the kiddie area to play in their floaters while you swim your laps. While cycling, your kids can ride with you on a two-seater bicycle. If they’re able to, they can even bike on their own while you run beside them. And when they’re old enough, they can actually start training side-by-side with you. The possibilities for this are endless, and so are the benefits. Not only are you able to spend quality time with your kids, but you’re also introducing them to the sport by helping them grow into a healthy, active lifestyle.

At the end of the day, when it comes to being an athlete and having kids, as with any situation that may initially present itself as an uphill battle, determination is what will keep you going. And passion, true love for the sport, are what will get you farther, with your family right by your side.

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