Alaska Ironkids: First Steps

Triathlon is a sport for everyone to enjoy regardless of age.

Triathlon is a test of endurance and stamina, but it’s also a sport created for everyone to enjoy. People of all ages are always welcome to give triathlon a try – from as young as six years old.

One of the fastest growing sport in the country, triathlon has become more accessible than ever, not just for junior athletes aspiring to become elite competitors, but for kids who just want to have fun outdoors. Here in the Philippines, the premiere triathlon event for young participants is the annual Alaska Ironkids.

Originally created to serve as a junior counterpart of the world-renowned IronMman triathlon event, IronKids gives youngsters a venue to have fun while staying fit and healthy, with the main goal being to offer them an active play alternative to computer games and watching TV. From 95 participants in 2011 to nearly 400 signed up for this year’s annual Mactan event, Alaska Ironkids lives up to its advocacy.

From team relays for ages 6-10, to longer courses for racers aged 13-14, IronKids race categories are specially designed for kids to enjoy the race without pressure. One of the most successful products of Alaska Ironkids are champions Sam and Tara Borlain, who have joining the race since the year it kicked off.

Over the last six years, Ironkids has been successful in encouraging kids to put down their gadgets, go outside and discover the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition through the thrill of active play. As the pioneer for kids’ triathlons in the country, the Alaska IronKids will continue to shape the next generation of triathletes, one race at a time.

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