The Great Escape

Played on one of the most ideal places in the world, playing beach volleyball can turn your getaway to a fun and memorable escape.

A sport that doesn’t feel like one, beach volleyball is a fun way to enjoy the beach and make new friends. (

There’s something about the beach that can pull you in and makes you feel like staying there forever. Whether it’s the rustle of the wind, the refreshing waters, stunning views, or just way your feet sink in the sand, just being at the beach can give one the very real feeling of being in paradise – the perfect escape for those living and working in the concrete jungle.

There are several things you can do to enjoy the beach such as drinking a cold fruit shake while you bask in the sun, enjoying the waves or playing frisbee with your family and friends. However, one of the favorite activities of many when they go to beach is playing beach volleyball.
With beach volleyball gathering support in the Philippines through tournaments such as last year’s Spike for Peace and organizations such as Superliga, here are some of the reasons that beach volleyball is such a hit:


One of the great things about playing beach volleyball is you are not confined to a hardwood court with four walls under harsh lighting. Rather, you’re under the warmth of the sun with your friends cheering you on! Being at such an idyllic location definitely adds another dimension to why beach volleyball is so much fun!


Beach volleyball is a well-known sport and it’s currently enjoying a surge in popularity in the Philippines. It’s not really surprising since the country is home to some of the finest beaches in the world! Usually played by a whole family or a group of friends on vacation, beach volleyball is a game where everyone can get involved in sports without even noticing it!


Beach volleyball is for everybody and it has a certain appeal that makes others want to get involved in the fun. This opens up the opportunity to make new friends. Whether it’s your group against theirs, or simply invite random to play together with, most people will welcome the chance to play ball and have fun. You might even need a bigger bonfire for the night for your new-found friends!


Beach volleyball is a full-body workout, from your arms that hit the ball, to running and jumping with your legs, to using your core for balance, it’s a fun way to sweat and burn some calories. Add to that the fact that you’re playing on sand which makes it harder to move, you can expect to burn at least 480 calories with just an hour’s play time!


In contrast to indoor volleyball, organized beach volleyball is played by only two players over three sets instead of five. Some could argue that indoor volleyball is more strategic and fast-paced compared to beach volleyball. However, beach volleyball is actually more intense and the skills of players are highlighted more given the limited number of players on the sand (court), making the game even more competitive. Also, if you have a large group looking to have some beach volleyball fun, you can always make your own rules!

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