The Returning Champion

Sometimes, the most fulfilling challenges are the ones we set for ourselves.

What is it about the thrill of competition that drives someone who has already achieved champion status to return time and again?

In the case of multiple Alaska IronKids champion Tara Borlain, her ongoing passion for athletic activity stems not from a craving for glory, but from a base desire to challenge herself.

Tara first began joining triathlons when she saw her older sister, Samantha, herself a champion triathlete, taking part. Despite not knowing how to swim, Tara knew she wanted to take part as well. Under her trainer father’s initial condition that she conquer a 50-meter lap on her own in a standard swimming pool, Tara made it her mission to meet the requirement. Suffice it to say, she conquered the lap, and she dedicated herself to training alongside her sister under their father’s watchful eye, making every event a true family event. Before long, Tara wasn’t just joining triathlons, she was winning them.

Of course, Tara wouldn’t have made it this far if she didn’t have a genuine affection and enthusiasm for her sport. After all, in her own words, “You have to work hard, and you also have to love what you’re doing.”

Tara Borlain is proof that what starts as a simple interest or mere participation in a sport can grow into pure passion for the game, just as budding potential can be built into prowess and skill—all it takes is guidance, persistence, determination, and the heart of a champion.


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