Things We Want to See in the NBA Finals

As the NBA finals near in, PlayPH ponders on the unexpected events to unfold.

As their epic trilogy is set to begin, the Cavs and Warriors are on their toes for the unexpected.

With the Golden State Warriors set to face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight time in the Finals this year, it’s a great time for questions such as: What kind of memes can we look forward to? Who’s Draymond Green going to annoy this time? Is Steph Curry ready for Kyrie 2.0?

With the promise of new drama in the works, PlayPH presents our list of things we want to see from the upcoming NBA Finals, complete with a ring-based scale on how likely those things are to actually happening.


Another history-making performance from Klay Thompson.

Just one out of Thompson’s 11 record-setting three’s that historic night.


In what was arguably Klay Thompsons’s finest moment, the 2015 Western Conference Finals had the Warriors up against Kevin Durant and the Thunder. With OKC leading the series 3-2 and at home, it was almost as if a finals berth was within reach. However, one man refused to give up.

Keeping the Warriors alive was the other half of the splash brothers, Klay, who dominantly scored 41 points off 11 three-pointers, setting an NBA playoff record. More importantly, his performance saved the Warriors season which eventually led to their first title.

Thompson is known for his offensive explosions during the most unexpected times of the game. Remember that time he scored 37 points in a quarter? Or what about scoring 60 in 29 minutes? Yes, he’s most likely to do it again. It’s his thing.


LeBron James monster-blocks the life out of an Igoudala layup.

Video Source: NBA 


At this point and time let Igoudala’s championship-securing layup represent a magical Warriors year. They ended the regular season with a record-setting 73-9 standing, including the best start in NBA history with 24 straight wins. That same year Steph Curry won his first MVP award. Steve Kerr had just won the Coach of the Year award, too. The bottom line is that the Warriors had played the best basketball they possibly could.

With less than two minutes remaining and the game tied, Andre Igoudala found himself running the break. What looked like a wide open easy layup was met by a blitzing LeBron James, jamming the ball against the backboard. A block so devastating and iconic, it still haunts the bay area to this day.

No matter how many times The King manages to pull one of these off, it’s the same jaw dropping feeling each and every time.



Video Source: NBA 


The Warriors’ most interesting character lies within a versatile, 230-pound beast. He can score easily down low and space out the floor with his range. When the situations calls for it, the Warriors utilize him as a point guard because of his incredible passing ability. Another part of Green’s arsenal is the ability to mentally tick off the opponent’s best player – not LeBron James.

Last year with the Dubs practically leading the series 3-1, Green decided to mess with LeBron’s gameplay with a lot of physicality. Pair that with a loud mouth and fans witnessed Green’s masterpiece come to life. While it did seem to work for a while, LeBron thought otherwise, with the Cavs going on to ride The King’s shoulders on the way to the championship.

One would hope Draymond Green learned his lesson, but then, he just might do it again. After all, it is the Finals.



When you’re up 31 points…


On one regular season game against the Knicks, the Cavs chose to sit out their stars and let the second-stringers get a taste of the action. With 40 seconds left and their team up by 31 points, Kyrie Irving decided to challenge his teammates to a bottle-flip challenge. The participants: LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, and Richard Jefferson. An instant comedic classic.

Although it was funny, any finals game against the Warriors is no time to be complacent – don’t expect any bottle flipping from the Cavs, especially when they’re against two of the league’s top scorers.


After losing grip of a comfortable series lead, Steph Curry and the Warriors could only stop and stare.


Arguably the toughest event to forecast this post-season is whether each team is capable of blowing by a series. Coming in to the finals the Cavs have only lost once, while the Warriors remain undefeated. On top of that, Cleveland averages a total of 116.8 points, while Golden State boasts a slim advantage of 118.3 points. That means the chances of each game being tightly contested are high.


As the saying goes, anything can happen during the finals. With the two most exciting and explosive teams going against each other, it all becomes a battle of heart and will.

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